Andrus Card Control 1

Magic download (video) by John K. Redmon
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Andrus Card Control 1

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Magic download (video) by John K. Redmon (10.00)

Incredible moves from the legendary Jerry Andrus are now available for study!

In this foundational volume, John Redmon, close friend and student of Jerry Andrus, will teach you 5 different versions of the Diagonal Jog Push-In Control along with applications for in-jogs, side-jogs, and diagonal-jogs. John will also share insights and nuances to this Master Move that have never been put into print or taught by anyone except by Jerry Andrus in one-on-one sessions. This volume lays the foundation for you to learn this key move that unlocks the legendary Andrus Card Control System.

  • Intro
  • CLIVOT Control
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control - Master Move
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control - At the Fingertips Version
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control - Timed Version
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control - Twizted Control
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control - Bevel Control
  • Misdirection and Movement Principles
  • In-Jog Techniques
  • Diagonal-Jog Techniques
  • Side-Jog Techniques
  • Personal Insights About Being Friends with Jerry Andrus
Download the video and begin learning these fabulous card controls and more.

Customer reviews for Andrus Card Control 1

VI Monthly


Great! Very informative, unique approach to card control. Had purchased the books, but this video was what allowed me to put it all together. Looking forward to watching the rest of the series!





Amazing. Wonderful content. Practical, efficient and useful



I wonder how many card men use Jerry Andrus’s methods described in ‘Andrus Card Control Vol 1’ (explanations) and Vol 2 (illustrations)?

They came as a complete revelation to me when I bought the books 20 odd years ago, but after practise a new world opened up.

Just one example: inviting the spectator (particularly a magician) to watch closely “Keep your eyes on my hands” as I replace their selection in the middle of the deck. That is absolutely where it goes, no argument. Then with no misdirection at all, no breaks, no cuts, nothing remotely suspicious, and with them closely watching and seeing nothing, you have the selection on top of the deck and are ready for what you want to do next. Beats the Pass, Cutting the deck, all these things into a cocked hat. And you can do it with, say, 3 or 4 cards simultaneously, even in different parts of the deck. Apparently nothing has happened. Card(s) placed in centre of deck. You tap the top of the deck with your forefinger and it/they are now on top for whatever you want to do next. And they never took their eyes off your hands. That is real magic.

I remember after practise, before using it in an effect for a lay spectator, I showed it to a very good professional magician for the first time, to test it. He was utterly amazed. Couldn’t see what had happened and begged me to show him. It was then I realised how good it is, and have used it all the time ever since - and the other techniques Andrus explains. All brilliant. All invisible. All under close spectator attention. Learn only the above, using the Clivot Principle in Chapter 1, and the book has paid for itself, never mind all the other techniques in no less than 15 chapters.

One of the most important close-up books in my library.



Awesome teaching and makes Andrus controls easier to learn.



If your magic studies have lead you to "Andrus Card Control" and you'd like to explore Jerry Andrus' ideas more in depth than what his book delivers, or if you simply prefer learning sleights visually, this video series certainly is something to consider and something that should aid you in better understanding many of his sleight of hand moves and how you might incorporate them into your own magic. The video is well produced and the instructions are clear.


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