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Magic download (video) by Bizau Cristian
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Bizness download

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Magic download (video) by Bizau Cristian (29.94)

In this debut collection from Romania’s foremost card-star, Bizau (Biz, for short) spills ALL the secrets that have made him an internet sensation and a coveted lecture name across Europe. Fresh off his first lecture-tour, Biz presents his first studio-shot DVD that tips all his quirky card work. Change a card by rubbing it with your tie. Find the card in the deck that can’t be shuffled, and more. Sound intriguing? It is. He has an absurdist approach to magic and humor, and both are on display in Bizness. More than 20 items completely explained.

Here is more info on what you’re about to learn:

Stanbi Peek - This outstanding peek is as versatile as it is imperceptible. Bizau also provides methods for peeking at multiple cards, and an application that has a surprise ending...with four Aces.

Waterfall Peek - This is a method for cleanly peeking at a selection from the middle of the deck while performing a waterfall flourish.

Spring Peek - Biz peeks at a selected card while performing a spring flourish, from the thumb. This is a very disarming, handy peek.

Farophobia - Bizau tortures a card that is deathly afraid of being faro-shuffled. He inserts a card in the deck and upon performing a faro shuffle, the victim card shoots out, unexpectedly, from the deck. It’s weird, and way cool.

Heath - An impromptu method of freezing the deck while performing a Bridge Shuffle. Bizau provides methods for stopping at multiple cards as well as two productions.

Mary/Ioana Color Change - With a wave of his hand over the deck, Biz changes the top card. Inside the DVD you will find methods for changing a card once, twice (back and forth), and multiple times in a row, as well as an application for each method of performing the change.

Phantom Card - Biz throws a card into the deck to find a selected card. Multiple methods are shared, ranging from easy to difficult.

Magician's Tie - Stealing, vanishing, color-changing, or producing a card from the deck, all with the use of a simple necktie. After watching this you will never look at your tie the same way again.

Bizness DVD

Running Time: 1 hour, 50 minutes


Customer reviews for Bizness download



The color change sold me on it, but what a bunch of really cool stuff! Christian has kind of a unique way of doing things, and I've gleaned A LOT from this video! I particularly like the way he obtains and maintains his breaks; very subtle!
Granted, some of the stuff is a little advanced (if you're doing, or have done the 'Royal Road' or 'Card College', this will probably be a great deal easier for you,) but don't let that put you off! YOU CAN DO IT!
Well worth the price! This kid has mad skills, and he wants to share them with YOU!



This download is awesome. The price is fair and all the material you get is well explained and developed. Biz created some really good routines utilizing the concepts explained. This is a must buy download.


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