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Blank ACAAN - magic

This one will fry your audience!

Using a blank deck, a spectator writes the name of any playing card onto one of the blank cards. The cards are then shuffled and cut. You then ask your spectator to name a number. Let's say they say the number 12. You deal down 11 cards and let your spectator take the next one (the 12th card)... Yep, you guessed it, it's their card!

Quite possibly the easiest version of ACAAN (Any Card at Any Number) ever created, but one of the most direct and powerful.


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This is definitely a unique ACAAN. You have a double sided blank deck and you ask your participant to think of a playing card. They create that card on a blank canvas. Some who are artistic may choose to draw out a playing card or others will simply jot down the name of their card. The card is placed back into the deck, shuffled, cut and you ask them to name any number from 1 to 52. Whatever number they say you deal down and they will find their card at their number. Blank ACAAN does exactly what it claims to do and fun for all.

Blank ACAAN by Matt Pilcher