Bubble Thought

Magic download (video) by Adam Elbaum
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Bubble Thought

18.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Adam Elbaum ($18.00)

Here at Vanishing Inc., we're trying hard not to over-promise on product descriptions or oversell you. But we mean this: "Bubble Thought" is the best virtual card trick we've ever seen. Why? Because it garners gasps and screams. And because it doesn't require any tedious, mathematical follow-along instructions.

"Bubble Thought" looks like this, and it really is this clean: A spectator grabs any deck of cards from around their house and mixes them thoroughly while you do the same with your deck. They hold the cards up to their screen so you, the performer, can think of one. Then you hold up your cards so they can think of one. Now each of you cuts the pack at any point you like. You each cut to each other's card. Pure. Simple. Impossible.

"Bubble Thought" is more than a simple glimpse and reveal. There are layers of subtlety to ensure that every moment in the trick is both clear and impossible. The best part might just be Adam's revolutionary, new handling of the venerable Cross Cut Force. His handling not only allows you to perform this long distance, but it allows you to perform the force without ever touching the cards. Moreover, the two packets are kept entirely separate for the duration of the force, which (we think) makes it even more effective.

Running time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Please note: "Bubble Thought" will require you to assemble "your" deck of cards from several existing decks. There are no gaffs required, per se, but duplicate cards are necessary.

"Such a smart virtual trick. I’ll be using this often!" Andi Gladwin

"The best virtual trick I've ever seen." Joshua Jay

"Adam Elbaum has a gift for creating effects that are easy to understand and methods that are impossible to reconstruct. His latest creation, Bubble Thought, begins with a disarming take on Think-a-Card and ends with the thing we’ve all been searching for since March – A reveal on their side of the screen with no contrived procedure. It is the perfect virtual card trick." Noah Levine

"Adam’s thinking is as deep as his voice. (And both turn me on for some reason?) Highly recommended. (Use headphones.)”Harrison Greenbaum

Bubble Thought is amazing! Adam Elbaum, one of the cleverest guys I know, has created not only a great, practical effect, but has completely reimagined one of the oldest sleights you know in a ground breaking way. Bravo!" Marc DeSouza

"A slickly constricted routine which combines classic elements from Al Koran’s “Double Thought” and Dai Vernon’s “The Trick That Cannot Be Explained” to produce a uniquely modern piece of virtual magic. Highly recommended!" Matt Baker


Community questions about Bubble Thought

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Carl asks: What do I need to make up the deck? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We recommend getting six identical decks of cards. That is the easiest and cheapest way to create your "Bubble Thought" deck.
  • Marshall asks: How much sleight of hand is there. I am an amateur so I don't want anything knuckle busting!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Good news... there is NO SLEIGHT OF HAND :D
  • Alex asks: If I buy this, can I use it in my shows?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely! And if you perform it on social media, we'd love for you to tag us on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Richard asks: All the references are to Zoom shows. Is this performable effectively in live shows?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: Theoretically it could be performed live, although more than likely you'd have to give the spectator an ungimmicked deck to use because they're not likely to have one. I think there are better ways to use some of the ideas from this and apply it to live performances though, including the cutting sequence. Part of what makes this trick SO powelful is that you are able to do this trick despite being mile away.
  • Ben asks: I perform standing, a distance from the screen (so all my cards can be seen at all times). Without exposing method, can this effect work with such a setup?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: Yes absolutely.
  • Jerry asks: Considering buying this but hesitant due to the number of decks required to construct this trick. Can Vanishing Inc offer a completed deck for use with this download?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: Technically you don't need so many decks just some duplicates. You can pull them out of the drawer you store your old decks once they're worn out
  • Stanley asks: Does this work 100% of the time?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: As much as any trick works "100% of the time." We all mess up sometime, and there's nothing about this trick preventing that. There is a version 2, that occurs less than 50% of the time which is why they didn't show it in the trailer, but it's a blessing when it occurs, and a much stronger effect overall in my opinion. You don't have to do version 2 just because the opportunity presents itself (you can still do the trick presented in. the trailer), but you'd be a fool not to seize the opportunity to take the effect up a notch. Bottom line, the trailer does not show "the best version of the trick."
  • Matthew asks: When you say 6 decks have to be used for this trick, do the cards require gaffing in such a way that they become dedicated to the Bubble Deck? ie are you essentially losing 6 decks to this trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need a few duplicate cards for your deck, so we recommend six decks because that is the cheapest way to do it. Alternatively, you could use muliple one way force decks.
  • Steven asks: Can this be done with multiple people or only one-on-one?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: It can be done with multiple people but I prefer to do it 1 on 1 because it's so powerful and laypeople may think stooge. When the spectator cuts to the thought of card the effect is crazy strong, almost unsettling to some. And if you are witnessing it and not experiencing it, it's easier to suspect foul play than to accept what just happened. But you definitely could do it for a group or theoretically to multiple people within the group.
  • Terrill asks: Is the spectator using a normal deck or prepared one?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: Normal shuffled deck. Doesn't even need to be a full one.
  • Rick asks: Could I use my Peek Pack deck for the “my deck” portion of this trick?

    • 1. Adam Elbaum (creator) responds: No
  • One asks: Why did the price increase from $10 to $18?

    • 1. Todd answers: If it did, why wouldn't you just assume "supply and demand?" Duh.
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  • Todd asks: Can I just use my one way force deck?

    • 1. Tony answers: You can use a few cards from your one way forcing deck for the basic handling of this trick
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  • Austin asks: Will it always work?

    • 1. Dottore answers: If you study and rehearse the routine, yes, it will always work.
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Customer reviews for Bubble Thought



The hype was worth it! I predict that this will become a stable in every magicians Zoom Show. I'll probably opt to use the simpler handling but I loved how much detail there was in the instructions. And the companion PDF is a really helpful.



I'm writing this review having just finished the download. But I felt compelled to do so. Vanishing Inc. are known for their quality downloads - I knew that well already. But what I loved about this is how current it is. I don't perform Zoom shows but I often hang out with friends on Skype so this will be the perfect effect to share with them. I watched the trailer over and over. I figured some of it out but it still fooled me! I had to buy it and I wasn't disappointed. Other magic shops sell you 5 minute downloads for this price. Here, you get over an hour of instruction, including performance "walk throughs" AND a PDF to help you prepare your deck. This is the best trick I've bought in 2021 so far.



I've met Adam Elbaum at Magifest a few times. He always has something new and interesting. I suspect I wasn't the only one who bought this on the back of Jay's recommendation in the Annual Letter live stream. He's right. This is a gem. I'll be using it. Was also surprised by how thorough the tutorial was. Very helpful indeed.

For those buying it, I would recommend picking up six Bicycle decks. It will help you get started immediately. I had a load lying around already so am working on my deck now.



It's soooo annoying how you guys keep making me spend my money ;) Can't you release some bad downloads so I don't want to buy them :D Just kidding this is a steal at $15. Loved it.



"The best virtual trick I've ever seen" - Josh Jay

"The best virtual trick I've ever seen" - Chris Taylor :D

Couldn't agree more!



Thank you Vanishing for showing an uncut trailer, unlike another site that will remain nameless. Even though I picked up on some of the method, I’ll definitely be buying to learn all the nuances!



I bought this a couple of hours ago, then performed it to my girlfriend 20 minutes later. As someone who never simply humours me while I work-in a new trick, she was speechless! I shall certainly be using this in my up coming virtual shows.



What a GREAT virtual trick! Super strong. Well constructed so each phase strengthens the other. Well done!



I bought this yesterday and made it up in about 25 minutes, using some old partial decks, like we all have sitting around our "magic rooms." ;) Adam really goes into detail in the lengthy video instruction and the PDF was extremely helpful. This is really the best online effect I've seen.





A fantastic trick for one to one virtual shows.



This trick is amazing! I've bought a lot of magic this year, but this is somehow the strongest (and cheapest) effect I've gotten all year. It's incredibly fooling to laymen and works flawlessly over zoom. Seems incredibly impossible! 10/10







This is now my go-to trick for zoom or when I get asked to do a magic trick while in a virtual meeting! The instructions are easy to follow, and the subtilties are well thought-out. A card trick that doesn't feel like a card trick. It's mind reading at it's best. The instructions to your spectator are logical and easy to follow. You as the performer are always nicely framed during the whole trick. There is no need to move your camera or change angles. Easy to do and great reactions, what more can you ask for!







Many "virtual" tricks are lengthy and procedural and maybe baffling for an uninitiated fellow-magi, but not entertaining for the audience...

Adam Elbaum created an enormously entertaining effect to use over video-calls and online-meetings. Think of it - your video-counterpart can use his own deck of cards - it neither hast to be complete - nor has it to be a standard poker deck... Really, it could be one of our European 32 card decks (7-A CHSD) with french design - and it will work!!!

So don't hesitate - THIS is the "virtual effect" you definitely want to use!





The instruction video was clear and I appreciated the thoughts about performing it for a larger Zoom audience in addition to one-on-one. Looking forward to performing it.



VERY cool. Can't wait to try it!



Finally, everyone can toss the 'invisible deck' out of their zoom shows. This routine is layered, and is impossible to backtrack. Most importantly, it's not the 'invisible deck'.

I am an Elbaum fan. He's such a clever thinker, and bubble thought is no exception. The plot is simple and easy to follow as is the handling. Great purchase. Thank you!



Excellent trick and excellent presentation and tutorial package. Well worth the investment.



I really like Adam Elbaum’s teaching methods and knowledge on such principles, I was able to pick up the act rather quickly.

Honestly, can’t wait to incorporate this routine into my online gigs/shows (I can see it working even for a close up trick when the world starts spinning again)

Looking forward to seeing what Adam comes up with next.



A great trick, absolutely kills when it lands. There's some serious spectator management going on here, though, so you'll really want to make sure you've got every tiny bit of your wording down absolutely perfect. If you're like me, you will likely have to flub it a few times due to spectators "not following directions" - we all know this is usually our own fault, but still, it can be very frustrating when it happens. Be aware that if your wording isn't perfect, it's quite easy for a spectator to stray from the directions on this one!



Great trick! I think the simple version is best.

Bubble Thought by Adam Elbaum