Card in Glass

Magic download (video) by Ernesto Melero
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Card in Glass

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Magic download (video) by Ernesto Melero (12.00)

A single card is placed into a wine glass and remains in full view for the entire effect. At no point, you explain, will you go near the glass.

A card is selected and signed. Once it has been thoroughly lost back into the pack (the spectator can shuffle the cards as much as they like), you draw attention back over to the glass.

“Wouldn’t it be remarkable”, you ask, “if that card was a perfect match to the one you selected?”

Of course, the audience agrees, but you continue, “What if I told you that not only is that card a perfect match, but it is in fact the exact card you signed?”

You may have had the audience's interest before, but you now have their UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

You walk over to the glass, being careful never to obscure the card from view. Slowly and fairly you take it at your fingertips and turn it around. It is the SIGNED CARD!

“Card in Glass” is Ernesto Melero’s revolutionary handling of the Mystery Card plot. Everything is accomplished with sleight of hand. There are no gimmicks or duplicates involved.

You are going to learn an extraordinary card switch which is completely baffling, even to the most knowledgeable magicians. The “Card in Glass” presentation is ideal for parlour situations but as you can see in the trailer, it can also be applied to close-up settings.

The move is not easy but any card magician with a good grounding in basic sleights will have no trouble learning it. The video instructions walk you through the move in excellent detail and Ernesto shares a number of helpful tips which will expedite your learning process.

Running time: 10 minutes 42 seconds.


Customer reviews for Card in Glass



Requires some practice for sure but it is an amazing effect. There are a couple of other moves you need to know that are not shown but any level of magician can do this. Great Video Instructions.


Larissa A.

It will take some practice but i think it can be done by any beginer who is willing to put some time into it. This effect is amazing, very easy to learn, even for beginers. The explanation is made very well and in depth so that anyone can understand how to perform this effect with some practice. I think it is an amazing in depth lesson for a cheap price, worth to invest into it. I think every magician should know at least two or three simple sleight of hand tricks and if you dont know any this will help you out to begin with. This will definetly improve your magic! Perfect for stage magic, but the tehniques learned in this download are helpfull for any style of magic, and can be used for many other tricks, they say you got enough to put up a good card trick routine if you can master a double pick, a false shuffle and a force, and if you are the kind of guy who also thinks that and looks forward to masters those 3 skills then this will be that something extra you know you wanna learn to upgrade your level, put work into it and develop it for yourself.



Holy motherforking shirtballs!!! The additional content provided offers an enlightening perspective. When witnessing the attention that Hector Mancha's card in glass has garnered, one can't help but compare it to the mesmerizing routines of Ernesto.

Ernesto displays an uncanny, almost magical prowess in his craft. It's as if he's channeling the skill of a seasoned wizard. Although I haven't personally ventured into trying it, the technique feels surprisingly attainable.



A superb illusion that has only three steps, but requires practice in order to achieve the appearance of a flawless miracle. The video is well shot and shows the exact position of the card, as well as the nuances of the palming technique. Highly recommended.



This is amazing. With a little bit of practise you will be able to preform this very clever and visually impressive change. I love the way the video explains this very clearly step by step. Highly recommended if you are prepared to do some practice







I spent 2 days for this one. I didn't even know there was such a palm technic. So clean! And I'm glad to learn this. Waiting for more tricks from Mr. Ernesto


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  • Daniel asks: On a scale of 1-10, how difficult is this trick to learn and perform?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I think it's an intermediate level effect, it will take some practice to get looking good.
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