Magic download (video) by Irving Quant
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Magic download (video) by Irving Quant ($7.00)

A surprisingly easy method for accomplishing an age-old card problem where 4 cards are inserted face-down into the deck and instantly transpose with 4 different cards which are now evenly distributed face-down in the deck. A seemingly impossible feat realized by Irving Quant and with "dare we say" no sleight of hand... almost. 


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An Irving Quant masterpiece to say the least! An opposition is first made between Aces and Kings when they are shown and then that opposition confirms itself as they act in entirely inverse ways. The Aces that are distributed in the deck regroup themselves, the regrouped kings disperse themselves in the deck. This characteristic astonishes spectators in the most profound way.

This trick is both a puzzle for magicians but will mostly work well on laymen. The technique is rather simple, it is actually the ingenuity of the mechanics which creates this great effect.

The teaching is excellent but as I said, the trick in itself uses few sleights. It is one of those effects which you can always fall back on when someone asks for a trick. It is completely impromptu and clean which benefits it greatly and makes of it one of the best tricks out there.

I sincerely recommend it to all magicians, even (perhaps especially) beginners. Thank you Irving Quant!



This probably has to be one of my favorite card tricks of all time. This gets some really good reactions, and its easy to do. This is an ungimmicked trick that still amazes me every time I watch his performance. You will learn this trick in no time! Then, you can impress your friends and family. You really need to get this trick.



I just love this routine, it looks so magical and its very easy to perform. I highly recomend it.



This trick is perfect for table magic. Also, it is totally impromptu. The production of the cards in the spread works automatically. The tutorial is done at over shoulder view so, it's very easy to understand the explanation. The trick is not difficult to do but there are some tips that you should be aware of. This is another genius trick of Irving Quant. Really recommended this one.



I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but this is now one of my favorite tricks to do at parties or at card games.

I always appreciate tricks and ideas that require little or no set up along with high impact and in this respect Irving Quant delivers with Carousel. It might take a while to memorize the sequence of moves but the expression of awe on the faces of layman and magicians alike make this worth the effort and the price, which to start with isn't that high.

Carousel by Irving Quant