Carpenter's Sleights

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Carpenter's Sleights

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Magic download (video) by Jack Carpenter ($12.00)

Seattle's underground card mechanic, Jack Carpenter, sits down at the table to teach three of his favorite original sleights. The Carpenter Shuffle is a beautiful strip-out false shuffle sequence, that you'll be practicing in no-time. The Le Claire Pass breaks down the usual action of shifting the pack into separate pieces, allowing you to show and handle the cards in a very fair manner. And Jack's final sleight, The World's Fastest Center Steal, is just that, an automatic steal from the center of the pack.


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Although just under 20 minutes in length, this tutorial provides clear, concise explanation for three (3) practical sleights that even a newer acolyte of card magic should be able to master with a reasonable amount of practice.

Jack Carpenter's relaxed style will help set the viewer at ease and remove any feelings of intimidation. Each segment features close-up, unobstructed views of the cards in hand --- from the performer's perspective --- enabling the student to easily grasp the concept and mechanics involved with each move.

If you want a tutorial for learning three sleights that will likely have good use in your card magic, I would highly recommend this video. As with any sleight or effect, one must practice these faithfully to ensure good technique prior to actual use. But, these are not knuckle-bustering moves that are beyond the average layman's abilities.

Carpenter's Sleights by Jack Carpenter