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Magic download (video) by David Jade ($8.00)

Oscillating between reality and the surreal, Cartier, one of our most visual color changes, straddles two worlds. One of fantastic technique; the other, incredible aesthetics. Performed entirely at the fingertips, the open and fair manner of the change will quickly usher Cartier into your working repertoire.


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After I purchased Cartier, I found it really worth the price. Not only for the visual camera trick like color change, but I learned the movement to misdirect before the sleight and after the sleight. How to handle the angles was also a lesson I learned from this tutorial.

I love the creativity of Cartier, and you can do it after you watch the tutorial. Why? Because the tutorial is clear and easy understand.

Cartier always becomes a hot topic after my performance. Everyone thinks it's real magic. You should not miss it.



This amazing trick is crazy visual. It also fools magicians. Mind your angles though because people behind you and on the sides or any other place that is not in front, might see the secret. I love this change and if used in the right situation will have people freak out. I hope you get this one.



When I saw Cartier the first time, I was like, what???? It's one of the most visual effects I have ever seen. And one of the easiest too. I have performed this trick many times and every time people just get mad after watching it. I love that it's impromptu and can be done with any deck.



Looks almost like a camera trick, the illusion is just so illusive.



First of all, I'd like to mention that when I first time saw this trick, I thought it was edited. The effect is nearly impossible. I won't talk much about the effect, the performance speaks itself.

About the change, I think I should note here that this trick is better to be done with few people, cause it has some angle issues. However, this trick will happen in front of the spectators' face, so people won't be standing behind your back, or above you anyway.

The method is easy, suitable for even beginner, but the effect is like the advance level of magic. Also, this is an impromptu trick, you start and end clean, you can even hand them the card and the deck after the trick is done.

For this trick, I'd like to give it 10 stars out of 5. Awesome!



This is a great change. Anytime i do this spectators go crazy. Its not very hard and takes little time to learn. The angles aren't very good, but with a little work you can prevent any flashes of the method. The explanation is clear (these are the Buck twins after all) and detailed. Despite its angle issues this is a rather good color change.



Magicians and laymen alike will not believe their eyes when you punch them in the face with this amazingly visual illusion. You will have to mind your angles at one point but with simple audience managment, your audience will be asking for a new brain after it's all smooshed out of their eyes and onto the floor. A beautiful illusion and a fantastic crowd pleaser. A must know colour change!



A color change that happens FACE UP!!!! This is probably the first color change in the history of magic that happens face up. This trick has alot of sleight of hand, but if performed correctly this can be one of the most powerful color changes you will ever do. Cartier is an ingeniouse way to change a card into another. Hope you find Cartier as effective as I did.



This is an amazing card trick. Spectators are always amazed when I display the trick.The explanation of the Buck Twins, as always, incredibly detailed and easy to understand. Big compliment to the Buck Twins and especially to David Jade.



This trick by David Jade is just amazing in the fact that it's simple, yet so beautiful. It took me about one and a half days to be able to perform the move to an audience, and then about another day to polish some stuff. The fact that you start and end clean just makes this even more amazing.

The angles on the trick aren't amazing, it's best to perform it to a small audience of people which are standing in front of you.

Overall, I believe the trick is simply beautiful if you do it with contrasting cards. The first time I performed it in front of people, their eyes just widened, they couldn't believe what they were seeing!



A neat little colour change! More or less what I guessed it might be but good to check out the professional and best way to perform it. As always, practice makes perfect.

Cartier by David Jade