Magic download (ebook) by Luke Jermay
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Magic download (ebook) by Luke Jermay (119.94)

Cartomancy (PDF eBook + Audio) is Jermay's fiercely original solution to answering unwritten questions audience members simply think about.

"I just finished reading Cartomancy... It’s brilliant. The construction, the script, the thoughts hidden behind, the principles you’ve assembled... A lot of food for thought. Again : Thank you!" ­ Julien Losa

Armed with the cutting edge secrets contained in this eBook + Audio File package; you will soon effortlessly answer unwritten questions in a staggering demonstration of fortune telling with playing cards. Your answers will astonish your audiences; You will appear to reveal specific jaw dropping details like names, dates, locations and so much more.

"Luke has given us a fabulous routine that any mentalist can make a full­time living with alone and potentially make thousands per show! Very well done!" ­ Robert Marsi

All with no preshow work of any kind, no billets, no written questions, no complex mental systems, no difficult memory work, no secret assistants and no stooges of any kind.

"Get it! Cartomancy is soooo good! It's a self contained 35 minute show with Q&A built in; where all you need on stage is a deck of cards. It is smartly written and everything you need is covered." ­ Stuart Palm

More than just a 'trick' Cartomancy is a full income generating professional show in three acts; complete with the exact word for word script Jermay uses night after night to astonish audiences worldwide. The Cartomancy package comprises of a 61 page; (14,041 word) 9x6 professionally edited and typeset manuscript plus a 50 minute .MP3 audio file in which Jermay focuses on how to give 'open' readings with playing cards. If you are a fan of Jermay and his approach to modern mentalism this is essential reading.

Cartomancy looks like it's performed with just one normal deck of cards. But to take full advantage of the concepts, you'll want to dig out (or purchase) an Invisible Deck, a marked deck, a Svengali Deck, and/or a blank-backed deck of cards. Each of these packs offers something "else" that adds and enhances "Cartomancy."


Customer reviews for Cartomancy



An amazing deal! The information presented is priceless, and the method is extremely sound. I'm extremely pleased and couldn't be more excited about it.



Finally a Q&A I can keep track of! I have always had issue with the logistics of keeping track of written Q&A routines. With Cartomancy Luke Jermay has solved all that.

You can read all the great stuff everyone else is saying about this show. They are right, and for me you can add connecting with audiences as only Q&A can without having to memorize a system or keep track of the process!



Luke Jermay is really a smart mentalist. Others are saying it and now he's got me saying it. Jeramy's Mind was a deep look into Luke's work and this latest release, Cartomancy, is so solid and complete that it should be selling for five times what it is.

With just a small amount of assembling of the items used, which almost any mystery performer probably already has, and a small amount of "arts and crafts" you have a full show which travels very easily.

I'm rehearsing this now and will be adding it as a second show option as soon as it's ready for public showing.


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  • David asks: Maybe my question is a bit stupid but... :D The script and the writing are mentioned quite a few times in the description. Am I going to face any problems performing in other languages? Cheers

    • 1. Zuhairr answers: Good question David:) But no, you won't. The trick is structured beautifully and can be adapted to suit your style and language . The reason for stressing on the script so much is because in many fully structured routines, your deliverance and script is the main thing that takes ur effect to the next level. Cartomancy is one of those effects where ur script plays a very important role but as I said, you can translate it to other languages as well.
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  • Mijrin asks: I know Luke said 45 minutes, but could this be cut down in length as needed, or must it be performed as a whole 45 minute show?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It most definitely can be cut down
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