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Magic download (video) by Joel Greenwich ($8.40)

Catalyst is not only a stunningly visual method for changing the identity of a playing card, it is a tool for real world change, as well. Proceeds from the sale of Catalyst will be donated to The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, to help spread the powerful message of peace.

Joel teaches several handlings of Catalyst, as well as his applications of the change within other routines. You'll also receive information on how to support the M.K. Gandhi Institute and be the change you want to see in the world.


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Joel Greenwich's Catalyst is a truly breathtaking effect that is as fun to practice and perform as it is to watch. With expert instruction and high-quality, multi-angle filming, this tough-to-master method will come quickly and naturally. After a few hours of practice, and some time spent in front of a mirror, you'll have a truly devastating color change that is strong at most angles. While Catalyst is worth picking up just for fooling yourself in the mirror, it provides a creative spark for creating new effects or revisiting old routines that have fallen out of the rotation.



This is an amazing color change that is extremely fun to practice and do because it is just so refreshing and different. Honestly this is one of the best changes that I have seen in a while. Get it you won't regret it.



Joel's first contribution to the magic community is excellently produced, and his teaching is clear and concise!

The color change is amazing, and not only is it fun to practice, but proceeds are donated to a good cause! Love it!



I rarely practice new color changes, but the moment I saw Catalyst I felt the urge to learn that!

The moment I got to know how it's done, I was amazed by how fun it was to practice and how good it looks!

Besides, the idea of donating the proceeds to an important cause such as non violence is awesome!

You should definitely get this!



Joel has been a friend of mine for years. So he knows that if I think something he shows me is garbage, I will tell him.

This is 200% the opposite of garbage, I love this. The first time he showed me this change I made him do it 5 more times. Then he taught it to me. Then I made him perform it again. It's just so nice. The method is fun to learn, and the angels are no worse than a Bertram Change.

When this was released I bought it immediately and studied it further. The teaching is clear and concise, and the cause that you are contributing to is worthy of everyone. If you want and eye popping move that's fun to practice and perform, this is it.



Excellent color change. Like any card move, to make it look magical the key is pratice practice practice.
Joel did a excellent job on explaining the move and the tips to make it better.
I look forward to seeing more from Joel .



Great effect....looks fantastic, but way above my skill level. I should have looked for "expert" level before purchase. It is well worth the $7, but I will no doubt not do it...just because for one thing, it starts with a pinky count of two cards, double lift, and goes from there.



Just learning. Lot of practice involved. The further i get with this trick the better it turns out. Love it.



Joel does a great job of teaching this. He's clear and concise. The photography is perfect. This effect will take some considerable practice to perfect it, but well worth it. My only criticism would be that I wish he would show the effect performed slowly, and then at speed, from the spectators viewpoint.



This one is one of my favorites CC. Very good explanation good video shots. Excellent quality.



A brilliant change, really well taught and an excellent video. Multiple applications too, which is a real bonus.



Really good example of a class act. Great explanation, well credited, proceeds to a worthy cause, and demonstrations of how astonishing the change can be once you've put the time in. Not there yet but already surprising myself with how clean this looks.



I normally shy away from stuff like this, but I'm glad I got it. It's a bit angly ( large hands, which I don't have, are helpful here).
Production values and teaching are first-rate. Don't let the "expert" classification scare you off. If I can do this, so can you.



Catalyst, although it is a bit of a knack, should be learned because it is insanely visual, clean, and impossible to reconstruct in the spectator's mind, as long as you manage your angles. My only complaint is that Greenwich does not go in-depth enough on how to clean up, so you may have to expand your knowledge elsewhere on the ideas that he gives you.



The instructional video is very well done and explained. Naturally, it will take some work to get it flowing smoothly and I just recently purchased it so haven’t been able to put the necessary time in yet. The video accompanying the trick’s description is evidence that, performed correctly, the color change looks quite astonishing.

Catalyst by Joel Greenwich