Cherry Control

Magic download (video) by Ricky Smith
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Cherry Control

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Magic download (video) by Ricky Smith ($8.00)

Learn one of the most talked about card controls circulating the magic scene. For years this technique for controlling a selected card to the top has been a favorite among professional card magicians. The actions are entirely motivated and there is nothing for your audience to suspect.


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This control is awesome. I find it interesting because, like the Miller Cascade control it is a break from how magicians normally control cards. This is not very angly and totally motivated. It can also be done from a spread, if you do not like the pushing in motion. I love this one!



In my opinion, the Cascade Control is not good for lefties as the pipes are not visible when riffled, but this is a control everyone can do. Just requiring a little practice and boom, you are done. =D



This control is perfect. It's clean, easy to do, and absolutely convincing. If you can do a thumb fan, you NEED this control. No weird, unnecessary cuts, just a great control. It WILL replace your current one. Get it, you won't regret it.



One of the most deceptive and useful controls to have in your repertoire.



I used to think that the AP spread control and the miller cascade control were the best controls on the market, but after seeing this control I'll never use those again. This control has no angle issues and and has perfect motivation, and isn't awkward in any way. This control is also rather versatile, as you can do it from a spread, from having a card peeked, or as in the performance, having a card replaced in the deck. The explanation is detailed and also rather entertaining. Plus, this video contains an AMAZING bonus effect utilizing the move. :)



I am not a fan of card controls that require shuffling or cutting the cards once the card is returned to the deck. I haven't found a motivation (or at least a convincing one) to shuffle or cut the deck when a selection is replaced into the center and the deck is squared. So for me that leaves an assortment of passes to choose from, each having their limitations if your audience is burning the deck. I have found this control to have the least limitations, and very easy to understand and learn. As a long time worker, when something becomes part of my daily working repertoire, it is worthy of the following statement: buy the Cherry Control, and learn it. The rewards are worth much more than the money and time you're about to invest.



This is a fantastic control that, while it requires practice and attention to the proper angles it is a great way to control a card to the top without shuffling or cutting which is always suspicious. The teaching is great and the method is very unique. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to add an amazing control to their arsenal of magic.



This control is super effective. It isn't hard to do once you learn the mechanics and it is one of the controls that you can pretty much do whenever. No un natural movements making it perfect for the tough members of the audience.



I was totally fooled when I first saw this control; it looked so fair with no suspicious or unnatural movements. It fits the criteria of what it would look like if you didn't use sleight of hand at all.

Ricky's teaching is clear and humorous, and shares some utility ideas, and finishes with credits/history.

Recommended to those who want to learn a practical-control that has multiple uses.



This is an amazing way of controlling a card to the top whilst doing a thumb fan. Ricky teaches it to you in depth he is so funny and really cool just like the Buck's Ha ha! I highly recommend this to any one who likes a flashy way of controlling a selected card.



It'll take some practice to make it look smooth and good, but if you put the effort in you'll use this control a lot!



I've heard about this control. Everyone is like, "oh Ricky is doing this control where all moves are justified!". I said, "yea right! You won't separate me from my shillings again! I will bet 10 shiny silver coins to everyone who claims every move is justified that I WILL find an unjustified move!".

I didn't find an unjustified move.

I now have to sell my only donkey Lex Luther to pay everyone their silver coins.

I hate Ricky Smith.

But I do love me some cherry control.



The Cherry Control is an incredible tool that fools magicians and non-magicians alike. When done well, there really is nothing to see! It is my absolute favorite control due to its natural appearance and eschewing of the usual fussing with a deck. If you can do the thumb fan, you can do the Cherry Control.

While I absolutely love the move, I do wish the video went into more detail on some of the finer points (even just angles and crowd management would have been nice). But the Cherry Control is just so fun to do that you will learn the finer points by doing, rather than have Ricky lay it out for you.

Cherry Control by Ricky Smith