Commercial Magic of JC Wagner (eBook)

Magic download (ebook) by L&L Publishing and JC Wagner
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Commercial Magic of JC Wagner (eBook)

19.95 usd

Magic download (ebook) by L&L Publishing and JC Wagner (19.95)

L&L publishing presents 37 powerful, audience-tested routines from J.C. Wagner—America's premiere bar magician.

Now available as an e-book, "Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner" includes remarkably practical magic for bar magicians, restaurant workers or close-up magicians such as:

  • J.C.'s Infamous Card Under the Drink - One of J.C.'s closely guarded secrets for many years;
  • Entertainment Tacks - The bread on the ceiling that will put bread on the table
  • Jumbo Torn and Restored Card - The Big Brother to J.C.'s now classic routine
  • The Wagnerian Miracle - Any card at any number at anytime
  • Knock on Wood - An absolutely stunning coins-through-the-table which features the Wagner Click Pass, an invaluable coin move
  • J.C.'s Super Closer - a mind-numbing finale
  • Prediction Out of This World - Paul Curry's Masterpiece with a Wagner knock-out punch
  • Thoughts on The Gambler's Cop - The real work on concealing a card
  • The Assembly - A working professional's method for a classic effect
  • Whispering Wagner - Two thought-of cards out of thin air.


Chapter 1: Commercial Stunners

  • Entertainment Tacks
  • A Control
  • Bandorama
  • Jumbo Torn And Restored Card
  • Prediction Out Of This World
  • Whispering Wagner
  • J.C.'s Super Closer
  • Ian Baxter's Ace Production
  • Gene Finnel's Free Cut Principle

Chapter 2: Four Ace Routines

  • Thoughts On The Gambler's Cop
  • Twisted Underground Transposition
  • Omni Twist Collectors
  • The Vernon Transfer
  • JC's Buckle Displacement
  • Dan Tong's Pad Spread
  • Twisted Collectors
  • Marlo's A TFUS
  • The Jordan Count
  • J.C.'s Fabulous Four Ace Routine
  • The Spread Switch
  • The Fab Four Revisited
  • J.C. On Collins Aces
  • Rub A Dub Dub Vanish
  • The Assembly
  • The Vernon Outjog Subtlety
  • The Loewy Palm
  • Hartman's Secret Subtraction
  • Honest John's Cards Across
  • J.C.'s Collins Kings 72

Chapter 3: Coin Magic

  • Poor Man's Matrix
  • Dingle-Schneider Pick-Up Move
  • Knock On Wood
  • The Wagner Clink Pass
  • Han Ping Chien
  • The Real Two Copper-One Silver

Chapter 4: J.C. On Estimation

  • Estimation # 1
  • Estimation # 2
  • Look up
  • The Card Under The Drink
  • Variation Of A Marlo Bottom Palm
  • Non-Gaffed Ultra Mental
  • The Hofzinser Cull
  • Paul Harris' Spread Switch
  • Larry Jenning's Variation Of Paul Harris' Spread Switch
  • The Wagnerian Miracle

Chapter 5: Packet Magic

  • Factory Misprints
  • Gypsy Curse
  • Marlo's 3 Way Move
  • Christ-Annemann Alignment
  • Flushtration Count
  • Ghost Deal Variation
  • The D'Amico Shift

Chapter 6: Card Magic

  • Royally Wild
  • Variation of Hamman's Rushtration Count
  • Simplex L. J. Switch
  • Vernon's Through The Fist Flourish
  • The Christ Twist
  • The Wagner Switch
  • Simplex Lie Speller
  • Would I Lie To You?
  • The Revelation
  • Transpojuxtaposition
  • Up-Standing Triumph
  • Triumph # 999
  • Vernon's Block Transfer
  • Royal Detectives
  • Paul Harris' Snap Count
  • The Eye Count
  • Alex Elmsley's Hand Washing Vanish
  • Tri-Mi-Way
  • The Double Deal Turnover
  • Sweepstack
  • Mario's Simple Shift

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