Con Cam Coincidencia

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Con Cam Coincidencia

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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($14.95)

The trick that helped Shin Lim win America's Got Talent!

Con Cam Coincidencia is merely a card trick, but when performed well it can be a remarkable piece of showmanship. The effect requires the participation of three individuals and takes no more than four minutes to perform. The end result is nothing short of a miracle. 


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Paul Wilson has created a stunning and inexplicable coincidence routine. The feeling of the routine is that the person who selected the card is controlling all the actions and that the performer is in the role of spectator along with two other audience members. Very subtle but clear handling which results in astonishment . Highly recommended.



Although I will not get many chances to use this great effect - as I perform Close-Up at mainly weddings and parties - this is a real winner! Very easy to perform and almost impossible to work out.



This is a great trick. It's so simple, yet an amazing trick.



Ok, let's be honest, the full routine is not shown in the preview video. BUT, that is exactly what it looks like for the spectators. The method is brilliant, the teaching incredible, and the reactions unbelievable. If you perform for at least 3 people in a daily basis, this is a trick you should get!



This is a really fun effect to do when with some friends. You really make your spectators feel that they are completely in control of the effect which is great for those who like audience participation. Pick this up and have fun!



This trick is bar none one of the BEST! The reaction alone when the trick is complete pays for the trick. People are so amazed and in awe by what just happened. The laughter and state of shock won't go away quickly for the spectator. This trick is easy to learn and can be done once you finish the video. Be prepared to astonish everyone who watches you perform this trick.



I have been studying sleight of hand, in particular, card magic since I was 15. I am now 59. Needless to say my 2 children have seen a lot of card effects. We all saw Paul perform this effect at The Magic Castle a couple of weeks ago. My daughter was one of Paul's helpers. All she could do is look at me in the audience and lip the words, how did he do that? She was stunned. So was my son. They both said it was one of the best tricks they had ever seen. I could have had my feelings hurt, but I was affected by the trick as well. We all loved it and I searched the Internet for the effect and found it here. It is worth every penny. It is a beautiful effect. Thanks Paul.



This trick is simple, and it produces an amazing reaction. Throw in some patter, build a story, and this could easily be an effect to finish a routine.



My family saw Paul perform this effect at the Magic Castle. My son and daughter have seen hosts of effects over the span of their life. It is hard to impress them. But when Paul performed this effect, they both looked at me, they could not help themselves, with a look that said "how in the world did he do that?" I searched far and wide and finally found the effect here and purchased it months ago. It is a real winner. It is a stunner. Thanks Paul.



Con Cam Coincidencia is a trick that is so easy to do, but creates such a memorable result. At school, many people as me to show them a magic trick and I show them a trick, they are amazed. But when I show them Con Cam Coincidencia, I am basically throwing a stun grenade in front of the spectators. When they see this trick, they're like: "How did this happen." I highly recommend this interactive miracle that you will use whenever the time opportunes.



This is a really great effect to put into your routine, especially considering the different presentations that you can give with it! The spectators have no idea what is coming, and it will look NO different than how it looks in the trailer...even if they had shown the entire effect in the trailer, you still wouldn't be able to figure this out (and I have been well into magic for over 10 years). Easily one of the best effects offered on the site. You can't go wrong with Paul Wilson!



A very easy card trick to practice. I have been learning magic for 2 years now and even though I know some fairly complicated tricks, this is by far my best one. It took me 15 minutes to learn and it fools everyone, every time.



So simple, yet so amazing. This really proves how stunning self working card tricks can be.

Since it's impromptu and it requires no sleight of hand, you can do this effect with every deck under any conditions, as long as you have three spectators to fool badly. Thanks Paul



I have been using this trick when I really want to stun the audience for over 4 years now. It is literally the best self-working trick I have ever come across. Mr. Wilson knocks it out of the park on this one. The performance is full of elegant details, all of which are pointed out and explained in the walk-through. Buy it now if you can afford it!



Amazing trick that is easy to perform and get incredible reactions. In my opinion mostly suited for casual performances at a bar or for some friends at a party or something like that. This is one of my favorite tricks of all time - definitely worth your time and money.



Paul Wilson goes over this great effect in detail but not belaboring. It's easy enough for any magician to do but the subtleties of the effect make it really really hard to reverse engineer how it happened. Great effect, especially if your looking for a longer piece with multiple people.



Gotta love this effect: no sleights, borrowed deck, easy to learn and do--and truly magical. Buy this--you will use it!



The entire trick is well thought out, removing all of the clumsy parts and making it flow smoothly.



Con Can Coincidental is a wonderful and easy to perform "wow" effect card illusion. I highly recommend investing the minimal price to add a very good routine to your presentations. Tommy



I watched it twice and tried it for my family. The missus was like, “How much?” Me: “15...”. Her: “Cool. “

Two hours later I’m out with eight magicians having beers and wings. I only know one of these guys well and met two of them only once. We’re all taking turns with impromptu stuff. One of them hands me a deck and dares me to go for it. Those borrowed cards felt like they were locked, loaded and the safety was off. I handed them back and asked, "Did you shuffle?" The chase was on.

They scrutinized every move. Each moment became more and more confusing and the chatter around what was happening just buzzed. The consensus was that there was no possible way I could find the card. Still, the tension built and built.

By the end, it was like watching them watch a train coming at them in a tunnel in slow motion...and I was the Engineer! The first revelation knocked them over. The kickers crushed them into the ground. This totally fried the room.

The best part came afterwards watching them trying to process whether or not I was lying when I stated that I downloaded it just two hours before the party and that it is really a piece of cake.

Probably my new favorite card trick. At any rate, it is a first-class challenger-converter for sure.

Highly recommended.

Con Cam Coincidencia by Paul Wilson