Containers & Spheres

Magic download (video) by David Williamson
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Containers & Spheres

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Magic download (video) by David Williamson (12.00)

David Williamson is a master of modern conjuring. His effects often take classics of magic, and through countless hours of nuance and refinement, transform them into polished miracles for the ages.

Containers and Spheres is no exception to Williamson’s ingenuity.

Cups and Balls, a timeless effect, is given new life, as Williamson explains and reveals the innermost secrets of this timeless masterpiece. You'll learn how to pass rubber balls through solid cups like a hot knife through butter and cause them to change places, vanish and reappear. Williamson takes the classic to a new level—what could be previously described as a well practiced “trick” will now leave audiences with only one possible explanation—pure magic.

The explanation of this the cups and balls routine is from David's phenomenal DVD, Sleight of Dave, available for streaming exclusively on


Customer reviews for Containers & Spheres



The artfulness of David is as about as good as it gets. This is a hard effect to duplicate. Get the video and start the hours. 10,000 hours will make you as good.



excellent !



There is nothing I can say about this man that hasn’t already been said. But I’ll do my best …. Hilarious …. Brilliant …. Cool. Williamson is, by far, one of the best sleight-of-hand artists and magic psychologists in the world to date. If you are serious about magic…you need to watch him. If you’re a hobbyist … you need to watch him. If you don’t….you’re seriously missing out on a very important piece of magic education. Learning to be diligent, diabolical, and devilishly deceptive without being ridiculously egotistical, over bearing, and self-serving. Never take yourself too seriously. Once you do that you lose your audience. And for a magician to lose their audience is death. Learn from a master. Learn from David Williamson. He will take you to the edge and throw you over it. And you will thank him for it.



In a word brilliant
Great teaching
Great classic magic
From a true master
Worth every penny


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