Cubamagic Show

Magic download (video) by Rafael
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Cubamagic Show

24.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Rafael (24.95)

For the last 20 years, Rafael Gómez Pérez has been performing elegant and astonishing acts of magic. Vanishing Inc are pleased to be able to offer you this video download of some of Rafael's powerful close-up, stage and parlour magic pieces with cards, coins and much more.

The video download includes Rafael's following routines:

5 Coins Transposition (A transposição das 5 moedas)
A great close up routine with a transposition of 5 coins on the table.

Giants of Economy (Gigantes da Economia)
A multiplying effect of jumbo coins.

Twin Cards (Cartas Gêmeas)
One spectator shuffles a blue deck and another spectator shuffles a red deck. Then they freely chose the same card out of their decks.

Changed Card (A carta trocada)
A surprising way to localise a card in the middle of the deck after it has been shuffled and cut.

The Four Aces (Os Quatro Ases)
A beautiful routine of manipulation of the four aces.

Envelope Prediction (Predição do Envelope)
A prediction of a selected card is revealed in an impressive way.

The Pendulum (O Pêndulo)
A surprising way to identify a selected card with a clock.

An original idea to any card at any number.

Modern Water and Wine (Água Moderna e Vinho)
A great version of the classic water and wine.

Aces Cubamagic (Ases Cubamagic)
A beautiful routine with a deck and four glasses.

The Vanishing Card (A carta que some)
A selected card vanishes from the deck and appears when the magician throws the deck above the table.

Note: This video is in Spanish and there are no subtitles.

Running time is 75 minutes.


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