Dani DaOrtiz: Connected

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Dani DaOrtiz: Connected

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Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz ($25.00)

Here's something as timely as it is fascinating: Dani DaOrtiz has designed an entire collection of card material...for Zoom performances! In these unusual times, we need hard-hitting material that can be done by video-conferencing remotely, and this material represents the very finest efforts of the master, Dani DaOrtiz. These are tricks that work great live, with people following along with their own cards. But they work EVEN BETTER remotely. You'll see that these are not mere mathematical puzzles, but performance pieces with in-built humor and subtlety. They're so deceptive that you'll fool yourself as you do them. And since the magic is remote...they're entirely self-working. In all, you receive six effects in this download, each one performed and then explained for a "live" remote audience.

Here's what you'll learn:

Oil and Water (in the Spectators Hand) - This routine is SENSATIONAL and just as described. Despite being in different locations, you perform an ENTIRELY deceptive separation of the colors. Yours separate as do the spectator's cards.

Ritual Zoom - Despite choosing a card and a number and going through an extremely fair mixing procedure, Dani locates the spectator's card at their chosen number. The emphasis here is on the total freedom given during the mixing procedure.

Any Card Spelled - You can do this for any number of spectators in a zoom chat. They look at you onscreen as you spread through a deck of cards and think of one. One spectator is nominated and he or she MENTALLY spells their card as you deal through the cards one by one. The thought-of card ends up at the spelled position.

Mirror Ambitious - In this effect a spectator selects a card and mixes it into his own deck in the FAIREST POSSIBLE MANNER. Still, the spectator's card rises to the top.

Interactive Chaotic Coincidence - This is another trick designed to be performed for several spectators over zoom. Everyone follows along with a small packet and finds their own card, based on increasingly zany directions and choices.

Business Zoom Cards - This is one of Dani's most unusual creations. A card selected and lost into a spectator's pack. Dani removes a stack of business cards and each one has a message on the back that eventually leads the spectator their own card. Wow!

Running time: 91 minutes (approximately)


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  • 1.

    Robbie asks: Can this be done in real life too or just on Zoom, thanks?!

    • 1. Javier answers: "These are tricks that work great live, with people following along with their own cards. But they work EVEN BETTER remotely..."
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  • 2.

    Toni asks: ¿ Esta subtitulado en español?

    • 1. Javier answers: no
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  • 3.

    Jordan asks: I bought a similar download that said "for Zoom", except the method was literally restricted to Zoom. Can these be done over any kind of online video chat? Facebook, Instagram, etc?

    • 1. Joshua answers: It appears these effects require that you see your spectator handle their cards. So you would need a 2-way video conference system like Zoom or Skype. A livestream like Facebook or Instagram would not allow you to see your participant. So it technically does not have to be Zoom. It could be Skype or Webex. But it couldn't be a livestreaming service like FB Live, YouTube Live or IG live. Hope that helps.
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  • 4.

    Hector asks: Are the tricks easy to performed, can a beginner level manage to do them?

    • 1. Javier answers: Hello, in general technically speaking yes, but they require presentation. So it’s a good opportunity for a beginner.
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  • 5.

    Sean asks: Do all these tricks require the spectators to always have their own deck of cards with them? Are there ways to do some of the tricks without them having a deck of cards with them? Most of the magic I do is on chat websites for spectators that weren’t expecting a magic trick.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, your spectators will need to have their own deck of cards to do these effects.
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  • 6.

    Aldo asks: This trick you can do it to all the people connected by zoom in the all time, or just only to one person ? Thanks

    • 1. Stanley C answers: You could do both.
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Customer reviews for Dani DaOrtiz: Connected



FINALLY! Been waiting for magic shops to do more of this. Only watched two tricks so far but loving it!!! Thanks.



Andi and Josh kindly gave me a review copy of this download to look at. Here are my thoughts:

Ritual Zoom - Stunning. Fooled me in the performance and I can't wait to try it.

Any Card Spelled - Fooled me too (you'll start to see a theme here). Not usually a fan of spelling tricks but this one is practical, and good.

Mirror Ambitious - For me, this was the highlight. Just watch it and you'll see why.

Oil and Water (in the Spectators Hand) - Very clever. Not really my thing but got a great reaction from the audience.

Interactive Chaotic Coincidence - Love all the chaos and the ending is really impressive.

Business Zoom Cards - I found this to be a really interesting use of a trick I had seen before. Again, method was solid.

Overall, this is stunningly good value. It's an hour and a half long if memory serves correctly. All of the tricks involve the audience. For the first time, it feels like this is a download of tricks that are BETTER on Zoom, not just tricks that have been adapted for Zoom. 10/10



New download from Dani! Yes pleaseeee! (It's great, of course. Buy it :D)



WOW! I don´t like card tricks! But I like the magic of Dani and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this download. The tricks are performed soooo clever and mostly easy to do. Tell your spectator during a zoom-conference (hangout/skype/facetime …) to grab a deck of cards and you will leave him/her speechless.
Cleverness beats finger-flicking.
A bargain for that price.



Congratulaciones Dani!! Excelente vídeo, por fin un mago aporta a la comunidad mágica material relevante a esta época difícil que nos toca vivir. Con tus trucos nuestras presentaciones por Zoom se verán enriquecidas. Gracias y un fuerte abrazo!

Dani DaOrtiz: Connected by Dani DaOrtiz