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Magic download (video) by Daniel Prado ($15.00)

Everyone asks the same question: "Could you cheat at cards?" Now you can answer...with a demonstration. This is, quite simply, the purest form of cheating we've found in a magic trick, all centered around the wildly popular game of Texas Hold 'Em. You appear to shuffle and cut the cards, but deal yourself four Aces, all according to the procedures of Texas Hold 'Em.

There are three great reasons you need to learn this routine:

1. It's authentic. The more someone knows about Poker, and Hold 'Em in particular, the more they will love "Burn."

2. Even if your spectators are not familiar with Poker, "Burn" is still extremely impressive.

3. "Burn" is not an easy routine, but it's also not extremely difficult. If you put in the work, you can make this look perfect.

Running time: approximatley 1 hour, 40 minutes


Community questions about Burn

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  • 1.

    Mariano asks: I still don't get what the trick is really about. It talks about dealing a hold 'em hand, but the trailer looks like it's an aces revelation. Is there an uncut live performance of it? Thanks!

    • 1. Daniel answers: Hi Mariano, Daniel Prado here. It is a Texas Hold'em demo. As you've seen, the cards are washed (or shuffled by a spectator, as I teach in one version of it on this tutorial), the cards are then shuffled in a standard casino procedure, and you control not only the aces for you, but the aces on the table (during the Flop, Turn and River) for whatever the number of hands you want. Inside this download, there is also a Royal Flush ending. I chose the aces for the trailer since they are more visual. You will have, also, a technique section, with detailed explanation of various different techniques not shown on the trailer, such as cull and different false table cuts. Some of them in slow motion so you can catch the way is really done. At last, but not least, this is actually an Uncut version, since there is no cut in the performance :) Cheers, Daniel
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  • 2.

    Tim asks: Without giving too much away, how technical do you have to be? I.e., Should you be acquainted with SD/BD's or are they taught?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will help if you are familiar with these moves but in answer to your question: it is not as technical as it looks.
    • 2. Shameer answers: Can you tell me what SD and BD stands for ?
    • 3. Ron answers: Second and Bottom Deals.
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  • 3.

    Ben asks: Just out of interest, do you need bee style cards or can it be done using NOC, Bicycles etc....

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use any deck.
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  • 4.

    Thomas asks: Hi there. Really impressive: I'm considering the purchase. In the meantime, would you mind telling me the title of the track playing in the background? It seems familiar but I can't place it... Thanks Thomas

    • 1. Daniel answers: Hi Thomas, thank you! This song is called 'Escape' and it is an original composition made by me. I actually used on a previous instagram post in June of 2017. Maybe, if you follow me, your brain is telling you that you've heard that somewhere else :) Daniel
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  • 5.

    Steven asks: Hello Daniel. Very nice routine. I'm wondering about the shuffle procedure. The actual card room procedure is to wash, riffle, riffle, strip cut and then one more riffle. I didn't see the last riffle. Is it possible to maybe do a Zarrow on the last riffle to make it legit? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could certainly add in a false shuffle at the end, if you wanted.
    • 2. Daniel answers: Hi Steven, inside the download I talk about the card room procedures and how to do it. I didn't put it on the trailer for practical reasons only ;)
    • 3. Daniel answers: Hi Steven, inside the download I talk about the card room procedures and how to do it. I didn't put it on the trailer for practical reasons only ;)
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Customer reviews for Burn



This is my first time seeing Daniel Prado's work. Watching the trailer, I assumed that the main tutorial was going to be of the table wash sequence.

But Burn turned out to be a very in depth approach to the poker deal plot. Daniel goes into a great amount of detail on the various techniques used to make the effect possible.

I've learned a lot from this download, and really appreciated Daniel's thoughts on magic, the effect, and his teaching.

Highly recommended.



I thought the brief coverage of the table wash was worth the price of admission.

Daniel's coverage of riffle stacking was thorough enough.

A good portion of the instructional covered culling techniques. I found this interesting but...

Many moons ago I did a Swain routine for a lady which involved turning the deck face up. I instantly lost her interest. Once the cards are shuffled by anyone you can't turn the deck face up unless you are going to look for some cards and pull them out of the deck. When replicating card table procedure this is even more important - don't turn the cards face up.

With just a few seconds thought though I was able to suss out a way to do all the stacking without a face up culling procedure. So I disagree with Daniel's statement that it's too onerousto stack all four cards in the requisitie positions with just riffle stacking.

(It can be done with three shuffles.)

So while I was disappointed with the culling section (There were interesting ideas presented though that I am going to tuck away for future exploration.) the table wash was worth its weight in gold. With a bit of work you could go from a table wash to a riffle, riffle, strip and riffle and be ready to deal out a pat hand for Texas Holdem.

One last thing - Prado's table shift is stunning! You should do a instructional just on that one move. I'd pay for that.

Burn by Daniel Prado