Decked Out

Magic download (video) by John Bannon
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Decked Out

12.99 usd

Magic download (video) by John Bannon ($12.99)

There are a fairly large number of great card magicians creating original magic. But the man whose card magic has resonated most with magicians in the last thirty years is John Bannon. Why?

We think it's because John Bannon has just the right cocktail of ingredients: his magic is DIFFERENT than what others are doing. The plots are funky twists on the classics, and they are almost always short. Bannon's effects are also within the realm of nearly every magician. We guarantee you already know all the sleights you'll need to perform Bannon's effects.

That is why we're extremely excited to present "John Bannon: The Vanishing Inc. Download." It features four outstanding items (one unpublished and three very well-hidden routines) that you will love, and then you will learn. They are:

Question Zero: A thought-of card is produced from a shuffled pack.

Buf'd: A two-phase transposition routine that will knock yours socks off.

Misdirection Aces: This is John's original four-Ace production.

The Esteemed: John's fantastic take on the Ace Assembly plot.

Sold separately these four effects would fetch a total of more than $40, but we have kept them together for the Bannon fans, so that they have one go-to download with four terrific, new routines.


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Customer reviews for Decked Out



John Bannon does it again great effects from one of our best thinker.
thank you



KILLER! John is a legend and Decked Out shows why!



Very good value here. The effects are strong, easy to do and taught very well.



I'm super happy with this! I wonderful value!



Killer stuff! John is the best!



Overall, this download should be bought by any magician or even someone who's getting into magic for the first time. Great material, especially becauses its from a great mind. Hope you buy it!!



I never had the opportunity to learn the material of John Bannon until this download… His magic is simple, easy and direct. All the magic packed on this download is great, but my favorite is Misdirection Aces, very direct and powerful.

This was my first contact to Bannons’s magic and it was great, his books are now on my wish list.



Amazing!! Such quantity of good magic in such a short time! Not only the routines, which are very beautiful, but also the details and techniques explained but this grand Master, make this video totally indispensable. Thank you Mr. Bannon!!



Good information on handling cards. Great presentation.



John Bannon is my hero. He can simplify complicated things into a few simple combination of semi-automatic beginner/intermediate sleights. The mental poker starter will be added to my repertoire asap. I like the bold discrepancies in Esteemed Aces and generally throughout John Bannon's other constructions. But I don't think Buffalo'd is a good subtlety. It's either one of these two things: 1. It doesn't fool me or 2. It leaves a mental confusion. If I am not convinced myself, I don't think I can pull it off in front of others. The whole routine has good potential though.







This is a really nice collection of 4 short tricks by Bannon. The tricks do take some minor sleights but are well within the ability of an advanced beginner or intermediate. Don't let the simple nature of the effects fool you; they are keenly constructed and--as with most Bannon tricks--you get a lot of bang for the buck here. Given expert psychology and construction, minimal sleights lead to maximal amazement.

Question zero is a devious way to divine an (almost--but really feels like it's a) freely selected card. Buf'd uses a variation of Marlo's Buffalo'd transposition. Even being familiar with the moves, I have to admit that I was fooled by the entire sequence. The ace of spades and queen switch takes place three times and then the kicker--the ace of spades turns up inside the deck, face down among all the 4 aces. Misdirection aces is a quickee where the 4 aces are produced and a good prelude to The Esteemed, which is a Bannonized/stremlined version of Peter Kane's Jazz Aces. The kicker ending is that not only do the aces disappear, they end up together, reversed, in the middle of the pack of cards.

Sleights you will learn include the Bannon modified Elias shift (really quite excellent), lift shuffle, a simplified substitute for a Stewart Gordon double lift, Bannon's bullet catcher production, and a couple of unclassified Biddle-type switches. Nothing knuckle busting but all good to learn.





I've liked John Bannon ever since I picked up his Mirage booklet years ago. He is an inventive magician, and many of his tricks are not difficult. He is the reason I learned the Elmsley Count (if I remember correctly). His output is tremendous (in quantity and quality), and there are several more foolers in this collection. I particularly the surprise reversal of the deck in one of the routines.


William Scott

Decked Out by John Bannon