Double Turnover

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Double Turnover

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Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral ($7.00)

The Double Turnover and Double Lift allow you to deceptively display two playing cards as one and are two of the most important fundamental sleights that every card magician should know. This tutorial also discusses the Pinky Count, one of the most common ways to get ready for a Double Lift or Double Turnover, as well as an Ambitious Card routine, an easy card trick that relies heavily on these card sleights.


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Just great!



Several interesting subtleties to be gleaned from this download, well worth the price!



Elliott goes into great detail and makes sure that you are aware of all of the finer points. Great!



Excellent tutorial.



I compare with many others and this turnover teaching is really the best. It is a clever idea to view everything from behind . You have a much better understanding of the moves. The ambitious routine is also great. It is a cheap video compare with the wealth of the content



If you've seen Elliot's tutorial for the Erdnase change, then you know his teaching is clear and that he knows what he's doing. He has put a lot of thought and effort into making his double-turnover look effortless and natural, and shares his thoughts and nuances with you here. He goes over 2 ways to obtain a break, Vernon's original handling of the double, and the more modern handling. He also shares a bonus double from Bob White, which was a nice surprise. Lastly he goes over his handling of the ACR and shares why he does the ACR in that particular way.

For someone like me who hasn't really explored the Vernon double turnover, you can't really go wrong with this download. Recommended!



Nice tutor



So the double lift is something I have been doing since I was a kid, it was one of the first card slights I ever learned. I wish someone would have told me all these years that I have been doing it wrong. This lesson is great at teaching different DL techniques and the right way to do them. The production quality of the video is great, it's easy to follow and understand. Im glad I bought it. 5 stars from me.



Good teaching and a very good update on DL



By far — the best, most natural, and RELIABLE double lift I’ve seen yet. I’ve already implemented it into my every day performances. Doesn’t take too much practice if you’re already doing double lifts. Not only does it look good, it FEELS great! 10/10. Thanks so much

Double Turnover by Elliott Terral