Doug Edwards: Card Star

Magic download (video) by Doug Edwards
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Doug Edwards: Card Star

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Doug Edwards (12.00)

Doug Edwards is an underground force. We asked him to teach six "choice" moves and routines to include in one jam-packed download. Pay particular attention to the EZ Pass here, in case you want to add a pass to your toolbox that you can start using IMMEDIATELY after watching the tutorial.

Shove Over Shuffle: A false shuffle and cut sequence that looks completely genuine; yet is surprisingly easy to do.

Packs a Wallop: This unusual, surprising routine "made" Doug's reputation when he developed it in the 80s. You cause two cards to transpose in full view, with a visual "flick" of your finger.

Aces Out: A gorgeous and sleek Ace cutting routine.

Ace Delivery: A flourishy Ace production sequence where the Aces are produced from the middle of the deck.

Spread Change: A finesse of the classic palm color change that shows how making just one minor change can make a move look so much better!

EZ Pass: Perhaps the most useful move Doug has ever created, this is a pass that will NOT take you years to master. Meant to be performed head on, if you simply put your fingers where Doug instructs you to, this pass will work BY ITSELF. It's called EZ Pass for a reason, and it's a wonderful move to have at your disposal for close-up performances.

Running time: 17 minutes 40 seconds


Customer reviews for Doug Edwards: Card Star



I've always wanted to learn and explore this material since its publication in Doug Edwards book by Lorayne (part of these contents are in other Edwards books or printed elsewhere). I enjoyed practising following the instructions: there's no hyperbole, only good to excellent stuff and very doable. IMO, really worth checking it!



Doug does an amazing job here with the explanations of everything here. There are utility moves, Ace productions, color change, full routines. All very well explained. Doug even takes the time to explain the smaller moves used for the productions, etc... This download is great. Love Doug's material.



I bought Doug Edwards Packs A Wallop book a long time ago. At the time I wasn't a big advocate of the pass since it was not practical in the situations I was in; however, when I read the EZ Pass it became a move I was executing within a 30 minutes. When I found this download I bought it immediately and it was well worth it. Doug goes through everything in detail going from hand positions to the finer points. Long story short GET THIS DOWNLOAD.



A great download, a good video production, a good teacher, and he repeats the moves severall times on each one, the routines he uses the slip cut, which he teaches within each routine, its enjoyable to watch, and its easy to learn.
Great value, A great bundle, which consists off six great routines.



Great great download



Excellent tips from a pro.



Probably one of the most greatest download on Vanishing Inc. packs a wallop is amazing and the Ez Pass is just brilliant! The shuffling sequence and the ace production is perfect and easy enough for beginners who is starting in tablework and doug is such a great teacher! Totally recommended



This is an example of excellent teaching: great selection, attention to the details that count, perfect results. Wonderful!



This is an outstanding download! The material is great and the teaching is very good also. This is material that I will be using, and I am looking forward to more material from Doug!



I had the pleasure of meeting Doug about 12 years ago while I was visiting Tannens in NY. The dude was humble and crazy skilled. Packs a wallop has been in my personal arsenal for the past 15 years and I am glad that more magicians will be learning and using this simple and stunning routine. Thank you guys for bringing Doug to VI.

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Clear instruction on some simple effects, nice revelations, and a number of useful utility moves. Some very beginner friendly material as well as some useful ideas and touches on moves that are helpful additions for more experienced card magicians. Highly recommended for newer card workers, mileage may vary for more experienced folks. The video is packed with stuff, several effects and several moves, and the instruction is straightforward and clear.


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