Doug Edwards on the Zarrow Shuffle

Magic download (video) by Doug Edwards
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Doug Edwards on the Zarrow Shuffle

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Magic download (video) by Doug Edwards ($12.00)

We ALL wish we could do a flawless Zarrow Shuffle. But you know what? VERY few people do. Even well-known magicians do the shuffle in a merely "serviceable" way that really wouldn't pass scrutiny. Enter Doug Edwards. As you can see in this trailer, his Zarrow is PERFECT. It is indistinguishable from a real shuffle, and that is EXACTLY what he teaches. But how?

Briefly, here's the story. Doug learned the Zarrow Shuffle from Herb himself, and picked up a small touch that Herb didn't often employ. It's called the Top Card Bow, and we've already said too much. But this critical, always-overlooked detail brings the shuffle a quantum leap forward, from "okay" to absolutely perfect.

This is great news for us. This means that for those of us who have tried, unsuccessfully, to learn a Zarrow, we finally have the missing piece. And for those who always wanted to learn, this download covers the move in its entirety, from start to finish. There were six people present as Doug filmed this download, and by the end of the filming, EVERYONE was on their way to a truly "perfect" Zarrow. We anticipate that this wonderful tutorial could become our most popular download to date, because it COMPREHENSIVELY teaches a move that so many wish to add to their card toolbox.

Running time: 9 minutes, 21 seconds.


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  • Stanley asks: How does this compare to Steve Reynolds' video on the Zarrow shuffle? Is there value in owning both?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is definitely value in owning both. Reynolds teaches the classic shuffle whereas Doug Edwards teaches a different handling.
  • Charlie asks: With this method, can you only zarrow under the top card or could you zarrow under a few cards on top of the deck? Thanks

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, Herb's technique can be used under a few cards, and Doug touches on it in this video.
    • 2. Charlie answers: Great, thanks
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Customer reviews for Doug Edwards on the Zarrow Shuffle



Seriously guys. This is a crazy helpful video with some great points on perfecting this shuffle. It is to good to share. Please remove it from your site.



My home wifi network is named ZarrowShuffle (I’ll give you the password when you visit), such is my devotion to the move! This video is more than worth the price of admission for just one little tip that allows a Zarrow under a single card to be performed both slowly and deceptively! As a bonus, if you already do a Zarrow, adding “the little touch” takes almost no practice.
That said, let me put in a plug for my FAVORITE version of the Zarrow. It’s “Method No. 2“ found on page 109 of Frank Garcia’s 1972 book Million Dollar Card Secrets. It’s significantly more challenging than the basic move, but has the advantage of a VISIBLE mix as the cards are reassembled! Give it a look and see if you like it! In my experience the Edwards version and the Garcia version the best two versions I know of. Choosing between them is a matter of personal preference.



this is amaziing, i have studied the zarrow shuffle for many years now . this is he Best version and explanation i have seen in 4 years of study , hope you enjoy as much as i did thanks

theo stylianou



Get this now! After watching this one great subtlety, my Zarrow improved greatly! This a no brainer. Instead of spending years trying to make a Zarrow perfect using standard covers, watch this to get it perfect within weeks or even just days. Great price; it really is one of the best downloads ever. Wholeheartedly approve with a passion.



The Best Zarrow I've ever seen taught in the best way possible. Perfect!



This will help you with the Zarrow Shuffle, it's the real deal! I've been practicing the ZS for a couple of years and after a few minutes practicing the technic explained on this download, my false shuffle look way much better than before!

Don't think about it, just buy it.



I purchased this download after hearing about it from some friends. After watching it, I thought the material was excellent. My Zarrow Shuffle improved dramatically after applying the tips the Doug Edwards showed in the video. Highly recommended for anyone looking to master a deceptive Zarrow Shuffle.



This is excellent, and is totally compatible with the Steve Reynolds handling on his awesome video on here too. If you're wondering whether a 9 minute video is worth the $10, it TOTALLY IS. :-)





Really cool variation of the zarrow shuffle, makes it quite invisible, even done slowly. Short video but the move is explained well. Even if you do not know the zarrow before this video I would say you will have no issue learning it with this download. My favorite method for this shuffle.
















nice tip, but if like me you have Harapan Ong masterclass, a bit redundancy

Doug Edwards on the Zarrow Shuffle by Doug Edwards