Dream Poker

Magic download (ebook) by Mark Elsdon
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Dream Poker

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Magic download (ebook) by Mark Elsdon (18.00)

"Did I tell you about the time I won the World Poker Tournament? No? Maybe it's because it hasn't happened yet! But it will, I promise!

Dream Poker casts the spectator as the one with all the answers. He reveals three irrefutable facts about something that hasn't even happened yet!

In effect, you claim that you recently had a dream in which you won the World Poker Tournament. As confirmation of the yet-to-happen events in this dream you write down three pieces of information: the date and the year of your future "win" and the final card that completes your hand and gives you victory.

The participant now uses his intuition to discern the date, the year and the card. The date and year are named by the participant and the card is selected from the deck. Unbelievably, he is 100% correct with all three!

One deck of cards (which can be borrowed) and some slips of paper are all the props required for this powerful piece of mental magic—no sleights, no gimmicks, no dual-reality and no set up.

Dream Poker's presentation is based on Texas Hold ‘Em, but Mark teaches a basic version that requires no previous knowledge of the game in order to perform. The manuscript also includes Mark Elsdon's preferred "expert's handling" for those who play the game.


Customer reviews for Dream Poker

VI Monthly


The main idea of the trick is quite simple and only a minor addition to the original concept.
The trick is clearly described and as advertised it is sleight free and easy to do.
But since it is only a minor addition to a very popular and well known concept, it should not be sold as a seperate E-Book, especially since it does not really offer a solid solution to the problem of the original concept.
The worst part of this product is the price, i think for five dollars it would be a fair price, but at 15 dollars it is overpriced, especially considering that for the same money, one could get Joshua Jays cornered or other great downloads.
Therefore i'm disappointed with this download and would not recommend it.


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