Dustin Marks: Cheating Bundle

Magic download (video) by Dustin Marks
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Dustin Marks: Cheating Bundle

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Magic download (video) by Dustin Marks ($24.00)

This is the REAL DEAL. Many magicians talk about cheating moves, but Dustin Marks has walked the walk, as one of the most legendary (reformed and retired) card hustlers alive. Now Dustin consults with casinos on how to avoid hustles and cheats like the ones he perpetrated during his adventurous former life. In these three downloads you'll get into the real-life techniques he used to win real money in card games. Note: this download is for educational purposes only. Vanishing Inc. Magic does NOT condone or support cheating in any form, and this download is strictly for historical and educational purposes.

Stacking: Blackjack has the best odds of any casino card game, but when Dustin uses these techniques, his odds are 100%. You'll learn card switches and stacking as they are used in a regulation game of Blackjack. Dustin shows these moves from various angles so that you can truly understand the fine points of the hand positions and the way they are used during play.

Chip Moves: The download is entirely focused on the most overlooked and important aspect of cheating at cards: chip work. This download covers several chip steals and changes, first from the vantage point of the dealer he's hustling, and then from the performer's viewpoint. These moves are most applicable for Blackjack, but they are also used in other casino games.

Mucking: Our favorite of the downloads is this Dustin Marks MASTERCLASS in card-mucking. This is a way to switch your cards for a winning hand directly during game play. The move, when Dustin does it, is flawless and fluid and seamless, and it happens in an instant. Card-mucking is considered one the holy grail of cheating moves, and it's rarely taught in detail with clear footage and instruction. Dustin teaches several techniques in painstaking detail, so that anyone willing to put in the practice to learn these moves (for exhibition purposes) will find this tutorial essential.

Dustin Marks videos provide a window into the hey-day of casino blackjack cheating. These videos will enhance your knowledge of several facets of the game and how it was cheated in the late 80s and into the 1990s - an excellent history lesson. Jason England

Three downloads. Total running time: 22 minutes


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Pedro Filipe

The video is very well shot and teaches a couple of different ways I didn’t know of handing cards,what to look for and most importantly what other players might notice. With that said I think the content is a bit lacking when compared to other videos of the same concept with similar price point. Either way had this to your Steve forte library and others and your knowledge will just grow. Again a bit lacking



Dustin Marks: Cheating Bundle by Dustin Marks