Effective Aces

Magic download (video) by Syd Segal
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Effective Aces

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Magic download (video) by Syd Segal ($5.00)

You're going to love this astute rendition on the classic effect by Bill Simon. A spectator freely touches four cards in the deck which are removed and shown to be the four aces.

The method is clean, simple, and very direct with no sleight of hand visible to the spectator.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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This trick is genius. His setup is so easy that I can do it on the spot with no one noticing. At this price, anyone should get this. I would pay $15 for it... :)



It's crazy how ingenious and simple some of these tricks are. Fantastic!



In magic there are many ways to introduce a four of a kind. You can make them appear face up, do an instant display, etc. Effective Aces are different from all these since it is a personal experience for the person choosing them.

I have done routines after Effective Aces that just were not as powerful as these and the spectators would, after 3 or 4 tricks, be puzzled by how the four of a kind was introduced in the first place.

The method itself is very clever and, after some practice, easily achievable. And something important is that it has a clean ending. I mention that because, usually people want to see the aces in their hands.

Great utility effect!



I'm a beginner and I found this trick to be the perfect balance of sleight of hand and preparation. I highly recommend this to new magicians!



This was one of my first D&D purchases and I still perform it. I love this trick. The set up is a bit of a pain, but if you can get past that it really is one of the best, and most fun tricks you can do! I always perform this before do a four of a kind trick.



Maybe a god rtrick. But he goes to fast over the trick in the. Beginning after my opinion Maybe iam vrong

Effective Aces by Syd Segal