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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($14.40)

Imagine this, you're holding a lousy hand of poker spread at the fingertips. In a subtle action of riffling the edges of the cards, they seem to magically morph into a royal flush. The cards are visible the whole time and can immediately be handed out for examination. 


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General Effect: You show a horrible poker hand of five cards. some sort of magical wave or what ever and the cards change into a royal flush. This is the exact same effect as Zapped by Bob something (forgot his last name). You may have seen this effect in a magic show called THEM or a movie called Shade. This method gives the exact same effect but it ends with a clean 5 cards free for examination, while zapped is as dirty as hell.

What you get: A video clip of around 18 minutes.

In the video you will learn instructions on how to make the gimmick.


Zapped: the 1st version of this color change. You hold the fan. A Brush with the thumb and it becomes a royal flush.

Bell Jar: A table change. You show the horrible hand. You give the cards a little mix around and they change instantaneously, still on the table.

Drunken Mitt: You show your horrible hand. Turn the face towards you, away from the spectator. You turn it back again without any waves or cover, the cards have changed.

Flash the Spread: You show the bad hand. You wave it in the air and it changes visually without any cover. (you can see this version in the demo)

C For Con: You show the bad hand. The spectator holds the spread. You wave a dollar bill over it and it changes.

Teaching: Paul teaches everything very well. Nothing is left out. Although everything is only taught once or twice, it is way enough to understand. The gimmick is taught fully on how to make it and it can be made in under 5 minutes.

Method: At first look I was rather pissed at it, but it turned out to be quite awesome. It works very well. Fools magicians who have seen Zapped but not Fan 2 C. Paul fooled Eugene Burger with it, so you know its good. It is very easy, even for the beginner. It is not self working, but people with the most basic knowledge of Sleight of Hand will be able to master this in 1 day tops.

Quality: As all the On Demand's on D&D. Its great visual and audio quality.

Final Thoughts: This is not the smartest thing ever but I wouldn't have went to try it myself without this actual teaching. Its a killer effect. Although setup is needed, Paul teaches you how to overcome the awkward "wait wait wait... lemme just go over here and fiddle a bit.... ah okay... here we have 5 cards" which is required with zapped. It is worth the money in my opinion as you do learn quite a few variations. get it. Highly recommended.



This is a very good effect especially for how easy it is. Paul teaches you multiple variations on it and teaches you how to make the gimmick clearly. It was easy to create and learn.



This effect is awesome! I never believed it would be as easy as it is! Highly Recommended



When I bought this I thought "why didn't I think of that, I'm Scottish too" LOL. The method is so simple but the effect is so powerful. It is extremely visual and magical. The best part is you can use a borrowed deck and be left clean. Do not hesitate to buy this, it is worth every penny. A MUST BUY!

Fan2C by Paul Wilson