Fast Exchange

Magic download (video) by Christophe Cusumano
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Fast Exchange

19.99 usd

Magic download (video) by Christophe Cusumano (19.99)

A spectator’s freely selected and signed card is lost in the middle of the deck. Two jacks are then removed and placed on top of the deck. Then, in the blink of an eye, the jacks magically transform into the spectator’s signed card. This card can then be immediately handed out for examination.

Fast Exchange is incredibly visual, clean and super easy to do. After watching the download, you’ll be able to create the gimmick in just 15 minutes using your own deck of cards.

This looks like real magic. Download today and start learning right away!


Customer reviews for Fast Exchange



I normally don’t like this kind of gimmick card set up, but I must admit I really enjoy how this gimmick works, the handling is really easy to get into and out of the trick. This has a great moment of magic and like I said it’s easy to get into and out of the effect, plus with some basic audience management it’s easy enough to take the heat off of the gimmick, and go into your next effect. I gave this four stars out of five because, well , I always like to leave room for improvement, like they say you’re only limited by your imagination. There is a little bit of arts and crafts to create the gimmick, but there’s so many gimmicks out there very similar so some of you guys should be familiar with how this works. Well done..


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