Forte Flourish

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($3.00)

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Forte Flourish - magic

The Forte Flourish is a unique method for producing a selected card by use of an illusion by Jerry Andrus that allows you to upright a ribbon spread from the table. Watch as one-by-one the cards cascade down leaving just the selection sticking up in the center of the deck.


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Customer reviews for Forte Flourish


This is more than a magic trick. It also includes the beauty of flourishes. The first part can be applied in many other tricks. And the second part (the revealing part) is not hard once you learn the secret.



I have reviewed this based on the trick (or flourish) itself, which is a cute little tabled production which is both simple and effective. I won't go into describing it as it can easily be shown from the video, but this is a great addition for a production sequence and also allows for a lot of creative input be it producing multiple cards of a card that springs out (a move I discovered from this). You learn great sleights and a great move.



A great effect, with a simple method! Additionally, the sleight that it teaches can be applied to many other effects as well, and variations of the Forte Flourish can easily be created.

However, there is one aspect of the Forte Flourish that I don't quite like, yet it is vital to achieving the effect. What it is, I cannot say, but I'm sure that most people will not find a problem with it.



This was one of my favorite tricks off the Trilogy. It's simple, but the method was really smart and the principle can be applied to many of your own tricks. Great overall effect / flourish, whenever you have a table, you'll pull this one out.



Strong effect, very easy to learn.

Forte Flourish by Dan and Dave Buck