Four Card Fooler

Magic download (video) by Paul Gordon
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Four Card Fooler

4.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Paul Gordon (4.95)

This opener will get spectator attention and not let go! Get ready to learn an amazing packet trick that blows audiences away!

Your show four face-up Kings, but when you turn them face down to show blue backs, one King appears face up again. This happens again and again until all the Kings turn face up again! But wait for the kicker! By turning them face down, you show they now all have red backs!

It's time to melt some minds with Four Card Fooler. Download and learn today!


Customer reviews for Four Card Fooler



It an new client classic of a great 4 ace packet effect.this new design & look of a dai Vernon's twisting the aces will open your eyes to a new level what you can do with just 4 card! The late Daryl the magician card magician was over come & cry when he 1st saw this effect by Paul Gordon!


Community questions about Four Card Fooler

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  • Jeffrey asks: Do I need any special gaffed cards for this download? Thank you Jeffrey Marks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Just regular cards.
    • 2. Ron answers: Yes, you will need 2 standard gaffs, which you probably already have, or you can have custom gaffs made. Using the google search engine, I found someone to make my 2 gaffed cards (I had them made with red squeezer bulldogs, which is what Paul uses in his routine). They provide a sharp contrast to the blue bikes. "Four Card Fooler" is one of my 3 favorite packet tricks.
    • 3. Michael answers: That's a highly contrasting pair of answeres!
    • 4. ulrich answers: You don't need to use exactly the same card as Paul, any card with different back will work.
    • 5. ulrich answers: Sorry for the confusion. I mean any double back card with a different color back will work
  • Christopher asks: Do you need gaffed cards. One previous answer from Vanishing Inc. says I just need regular vards. Another answer says I need 2 gaffed cards. Which is it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I apologize for the confusion. You need four normal cards and two gaffed cards. The gaffed cards are very common, and are probably in your collection.
  • Alan asks: I apologize if this is a question about methods, but: can you tell me what sleights are required for Four Card Fooler? If you can't tell me that, can you tell me if ANY sleights are required? I assume this is not self-working, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks.

    • 1. Ron answers: The Alex Elmsley Count is the only sleight involved.
    • 2. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's not a self-working effect, you will need to do some basic sleight of hand.
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