Full Nelson

Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson
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Full Nelson

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Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson ($4.00)

The Full Nelson defines the term paper architecture as both an artistic performance and sculpture. Created with a normal pack of cards, Chad teaches you how to build a nine-packet castle using just your hands. He then teaches you how to close it so the entire deck retains its order. 


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One of the most impressive false cuts ever displayed in 10 packets. Simply amazing.



No one would ever think this would be a false cut. This is really the best thing you could add when you are trying to do a full deck false shuffle, people will be stunned because of the move itself and it also lead people from thinking that you are doing a false cut.

The teaching is great, but I suggest this people who already know basic sybil moves before. Bacause Chan doesn't begin with basic sybil but rather go directly into the orders of the move itself.



Thats a fun and impressive to do. I Like it so great. For a few dollar you learn a great card move. So buy this no regret ,,



This is a GREAT cut. However, I wish there had been a note about hand size for this one. If you can't comfortably fit a card widthwise between each of your fingers without bending it, you won't be able to do this.

With that said, this is one of the most impressive false cuts I have ever seen! The teaching on this one is superb. This would be a classy shot on a business card or on your website. All in all, a great value.

Full Nelson by Chad Nelson