How To Win At FISM

Magic download (video) by Soma
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How To Win At FISM

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Magic download (video) by Soma (24.00)

How To Win At FISM - magic
How To Win At FISM How To Win At FISM

In 2009 Hungary's Soma won the FISM Grand Prix for stage magic. In this unprecedented and candid documentary, you'll hear from some of magic's most influential magicians on what THEY believe is most important in a magic act. You'll hear from Soma, Shawn Farqhuar, Wayne Houchin, David Stone, Rick Merrill, Domenico Dante, Boris Wild, Yo Kato, Han Seol-Hui, An Ha Lim, and many other legendary performers...

Whether or not you intend to compete in magic or develop a competition act, How to Win at FISM is a fascinating roadmap to developing tighter, punchier, and better magic. You'll learn about the importance of music, staging, and movement, as well as how to refine and practice your techniques. You'll learn about where to get inspiration for your material, and the perfect venues to work in your act.

This is NOT your average magic video. Instead, it's shot like a documentary, and is a riveting and entertaining watch. It's a journey film, where Soma takes you through the mentors and lessons that helped him win magic's most coveted award.

You will also get access to an exclusive website with extra interviews, additional content, behind the scenes photos, and much more.

At Vanishing Inc we're proud to offer this EXCLUSIVELY as a download on our site. With one click, you'll be granted instant access to the documentary, and you'll be taking the next step toward mastery.

"This movie is like nothing before. A truly amazing experience. If you claim yourself a magician, this download is a MUST see!" David Stone

"Soma is one of the most creative, powerful and entertaining magicians I have ever watched. Each time I watch him perform - I am inspired.” Wayne Houchin

"I'm thrilled to be part of this project, and to help future generations on how you too can win FISM" - Shawn Farquhar

Running time: 100 minutes


Customer reviews for How To Win At FISM





I had this when it was on DVD and every show and act I do I watch it. I can't believe it's being re-sold as a download! Buy it, watch it, learn from it!

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The video shows you how much effort you have to put into your magic act. But it doesn't really help you to put together your own act. I expected more. The title of the video could easily be "how to master a magic act" or "how to be successful at magic" or "how to win a magic competition".



Interesting. The interviews are enjoyable and has some good points. This download is emphasizing the many different areas that you are required to focus on in order to create a good stage show. We learn the amount of work and commitment necessary, not only when it comes to developing an act over years of performing and refining, but also things like costume, music, lighting etc. So as a serious performer you’ll need to take of of these things into account.

All of the above is true. Unfortunately, this download doesn’t really teach you how to achieve that.

So this is an interesting but not very useful product.


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  • Brett asks: How long is the video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: About one hour and forty minutes long.
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