Impossible Three

Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay
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Impossible Three

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Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay (12.00)

A well-known magician has been knocking people over with Joshua Jay's Impossible Three, a miracle that can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck, and no sleight-of-hand. The trick is creating a lot of buzz, so it felt like a great time to release this trick to Vanishing Inc members. In fact, the performer barely touches the cards yet he divines a card a spectator cuts to.

If you are familiar with Bob Hummer's classic Mathematical Monte, you will DEFINITELY want to add this to your repertoire. And if you're not familiar with this classic, prepare to be fooled!

Running time: 12 minutes, 36 seconds.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Impossible Three



Amazing !



I have performed the Hummer trick with other objects before, but this went totally by me when seeing it with a deck of cards, even though I thought that was part of the trick. The method is very subtle, and I look forward to learning and having this in my repertoire. Josh does a great job explaining not only the method, but also the psychology behind each part and I think that is one reason that his tricks are so effective- he has put the time into analyzing why the effect works.



Great and awesome teaching!!!

VI Monthly


Great impromptu trick using a borrowed deck (if you'd like). Cards can (and should) be freely shuffled by the spectator. As usual, Joshua Jay's explanation is clear and easily understood by the spectator(s). Well thought out card packet placement strategy. Less is more. Methology is simple to remember and perform.



The audience thinks it's so much harder to do than it really is, which is a good place to be.



I’ve been performing Bob Hummers ‘Mathematical Monty’ for years but in a totally different way using blank business cards combined with a spectators set of free choices. I love how Josh has incorporated this into a full deck of cards effect. And like he mentions in the video, in the spectators mind it’s no longer a ‘1 in 3 choice’ but now it’s a much more impossible ‘1 in 52 choice’. Brilliant thinking!



What a great trick, I'm extremely picky with what goes into & stays in my repertoire but I bought this because a - I was completely fooled in the demo & b - Josh's laid back performance really suits my style. Within fifteen minutes I had added this trick to my repertoire & two months later it's still one of my favourite tricks to perform. Really can't praise this enough, to the team at Vanishing Inc, thank you



I love the effect, it is impromptu and amazing.




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