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Impromptu Invisible Deck

Magic download (video) by Ernesto Melero
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Impromptu Invisible Deck

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Ernesto Melero ($12.00)

It doesn’t get any more direct than this. Any card is NAMED, and this card is shown to be the only reversed card in the deck. Rather than a gaffed deck, everything is totally normal and upon completion you can perform any effect with the same pack of cards. This makes Ernesto’s “Impromptu Invisible Deck” the perfect opener.

In the instructional download, you will learn all of the details, moves and nuances that make this routine so practical and deceptive.

Running time: 8 minutes 28 seconds

Note—Although Impromptu Invisible Deck uses a normal deck, it is not technically impromptu. A set up is needed.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Community questions about Impromptu Invisible Deck

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  • effe asks: That's great, but how much difficult is it? Does it requires particular sleight of hand like palmings, ect...?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: On a scale of 1 (easy) to 10 (hard), I would put this at a 6, maybe a 7 if you are new. There is one major sleight and a minor move involved. With study and practice this should be achievable by anyone.
    • 2. Andrew answers: This response scared me a bit. However, I still purchased this trick. Boy am I glad I did. The move is BRILLIANT and I would say a 6 for a brand new beginner. But a 4 for anyone that's comfortable with the classic moves, double lift etc.
  • William asks: How much time is required to do the setup?

    • 1. Dottore answers: A rough guess would be from one to three minutes, depending on your skill and speed.
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  • Jeff asks: Is there a stage handling?

    • 1. Dottore answers: No.
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  • Stuart asks: Please clarify. The routine is referred to as "Impromptu," but one of the posts here refers to set-up time. Is this a "set-up" that is done under the nose of the spectator?

    • 1. Dottore answers: At the end of the description: Note—Although Impromptu Invisible Deck uses a normal deck, it is not technically impromptu. A set up is needed.
    • 2. Clyde answers: Classic Deception
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  • Matt asks: Hi. If using a memorised deck, could I make a decision to do this effect (rather than another one I might choose if a different card were named) after the card is named. Or is the set up such that the performer has committed to doing this effect before asking the spectator to name a card? Thanks

    • 1. Carlos answers: The spectator has a free choice. There is a setup. The magician can do this effect or anything else. Personally, I think it works best with a Bart Harding stack (clears the awkwardly looking finale). If you call that "a memorized deck", the answer is still the same: you can opt do it or not, but there is no obvious reason why you wouldn't want do it, because it's very impressive (again, I think the finale can be improved with a stacked deck, mainly BH.
    • 2. Patrick answers: Almost. There is a small thing you would have to do when you take the deck out of the box, but that would be very easy to do on the offbeat, and could even be played as an honest mistake you fix out in the open. To summarise: Yes, but a tiny modification to the setup would have to be done in front of the spectator.
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  • stuart asks: Does this use a specific stack or can I use my regular mem deck; eg Tamariz?

    • 1. Alejandro answers: Please email magic@vanishingincmagic.com for this kind of question
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Customer reviews for Impromptu Invisible Deck



It looks exactly like it does in the trailer, ever time. It is easy, has no angles, and in my opinion looks cleaner than the regular invisible deck. Amazing.



LOVE THIS! This is the best $10 magic trick/ download I've ever bought



I was a bit skeptical... It sounds a bit too good to be true. I was proved wrong though. If anything, the trailer shows a worst case scenario! Really enjoyed learning it. Anyone who has basic card handling skills should be able to do this within minutes.



Marvelous, simply maevelous.



As noted this is not an impromptu effect. It requires a setup. Maybe "The No-Way Invisible Deck Routine" would be better suited. This does not detract from the fact, I was tricked, and I can see myself using this. I would also add since this is not impromptu the slights and moves required could be eliminated by using a single gaff card, (In fact I have more than one gaff type in mind) easily removed at the end of the trick without any heat, and then the deck could continue to be used in a normal deck routine without it. I am of the mindset if the effect can be done and remain fully examinable without any sleights, then don't use sleights. If it were not for the setup required, and coming up with rationale to have some alone time with a borrowed deck I would not be so forward about using a gaffs. For me personally, I doubt I would find myself in a position where I would need to perform this with a cold deck. Regardless of method used, I highly recommend getting this. At $10 its worth every penny and more.



I'll agree with the reviewer above and say that this was the best $10 I've spent on a single magic trick ever. The method is great, and the move is not too difficult to learn, but will take a bit of practice to get it looking really good. At least in a close-up setting, this is way better than the traditional gimmicked invisible deck, for sure!



Time to throw out that 12.99 gaffed deck that can't be examined. The best part of this is that you can continue doing magic with the same deck after the effect. For real...if you're at all experienced with card magic, card sleights,and misdirection you will likely replace your gaffed deck for this little gem.



This is brilliant! Each time I perform this effect I smile because of the simplicity of it. I love Invisible Deck effects with regular cards and this has got to be one of the best. I found the move is a bit 'knacky' but is one you can practice while watching TV etc..... In a short time you will master it and be ready to blow some minds. What I really like is the fact that after you have taken the deck out of its case your spectator can change their minds! Not something you can say about many other methods. There is no 'clean up' to worry about either. Yes you will need a stacked/mem deck but I use new deck order. I tell the spectator that when I originally opened the deck I found one card face down, which was strange, and could they use their intuition to tell me what card it might be. Great opening effect. Mr Melero I take my hat off to you sir - genius!!



Such a simple set of moves. SO much better than the original Invisible Deck as it works with whatever deck you want and the setup is as small as it gets.



great trick!





So simple yet so effective! Like anything worth mastering; get the timing, angles and the appropriate level of misdirection correct and this looks amazing - Plus it prevents the need for carrying multiple decks!

Also to maximise the impact, it’s worth implementing the use of another tool in card magic, I use Redford’s personally.



Nice and simple, Recommended!!



This trick was definitely worth the $12 without a doubt! Most tricks I buy leave me disappointed with the method, but this trick was not at all like that. Yes, it was not exactly what I would have wished for, but still leaves a great impact on your spectators. I immensely dislike it when a trailer hides a crucial part of an effect that without would not be possible. On the other hand, looking back at the trailer, the angle in which the trick was performed was probably the best angle the trick could have been performed and would not be the situation you would be in. Nevertheless, the sleight which is executed sometime during the performance is almost invisible to a casual spectator. Saying this, if your spectator is constantly burning your hands, you can still perform the sleight if the proper angles are executed. As with any magic trick, once the magician knows the secret, he will think the trick to simple and a complete waste, but if properly performed to an unready spectator, will receive the same, if not better reactions the traditional invisible deck would produce. I will definitely be adding this trick to my starting routine. 4/5 stars!



Unfortunately you cannot spread the cards like in the classic invisible deck. There is a stack, but there are alternative ways to do this without any stack. This is an excellent effect, definitely a favorite I will practice and preform!

Impromptu Invisible Deck by Ernesto Melero