Magic download (video) by Daniel Prado
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Magic download (video) by Daniel Prado (24.00)

"Insight is so fair and so open that the ending left me completely stumped! I have no idea how this is possible" Jeremy Griffith

Daniel Prado brings his artistic discernment and creative talents to a classic of close-up mental magic with cards, Dai Vernon's "Out of Sight. Out of Mind." Daniel's take on this powerful effect convinces your participants that not only can you read their thoughts, but control their actions as well.

Insight is a performance piece crafted to maximize magical impact. In over an hour of detailed explanation, Daniel includes a full, unedited performance, methods and approaches for every level of knowledge and skill, from novice to expert, so you can begin performing reality-bending magic immediately, and plenty of theory that will keep you contemplating your magic.

"Daniel has taken the classic Vernon effect and turned it into something I will actually do! So fooling I actually thought he could control minds" Mark Calabrese

"Daniel Prado has given us his very personal interpretation of Dai Vernon’s Out of Sight Out of Mind. His handling and presentation creates a strong feeling and psychological impression on the spectator who experience this. They will be left in no doubt about his ability to read their minds. This routine can achieve the same impact for you. Study it well and put your own expression into the presentation, it can be a reputation maker for you." Michael Vincent.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Insight



This was great. Daniel gave a really back story to the effect and then went on to offer his ideas on how he has improved the "weaker" aspects. I think he's give the effect some new life and has made it more attractive to those who want to learn Dai Vernon's work, but may have felt, in this case, the effect was too process driven. I'm looking forward to learning Daniels version of Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Dai Vernon.





A great version of Vernon's out of sight out of mind
I will do this



So I've only been performing out of sight out of mind for about 2 years now. I really enjoy this trick and I have been working on a variation myself, but when I saw that Daniel Prado had released a version here on Art of Play I really felt like I had to check it out.

I truly enjoyed The Peregrine Pass and The Cloak, and I basically had those tricks/moves as my expectation guidelines which made my expectations really high.

I love Daniels approach to this effect. He teaches a couple different variations, but I think my favorite is more or less the one he performs in the trailer.

If you're familiar with Vernons original effect, this approach won't be a huge change, but it is just enough to make the trick a lot better. The washing of the cards really make the selection prosess seem a lot more fair.
I can't really explain a lot when it comes to the method because I don't want to spoil the effect. But I love Daniels techniques and approaches, he's really good at stripping down effects to the bare essentials when it comes to the techniques so that the effect looks and feels as clean as possible.

If you wanna perform a out of sight out of mind effect this is definitely one of the better methods out there, so I would recommend this to anyone wanting a killer update of a classic effect.

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i’ve Been familiar with the original Vernon version of this plot for a long time, but I never really appreciated it’s potential.

Prado has changed that for me. In a wonderful video he teaches a fantastic routine that I could see myself actually using a lot. This is a gem. Actually, he teaches a few routines using the basic concept, all of which are fantastic.

I’ve yet to perform it, still practicing away, but I believe that it will be a joy to perform. It’s been a pleasure learning the routine, working on it, and I am very excited to continue to work on it.

I could see this effect actually becoming part of my repertoire. It is not the type of effect where i’m Like “ah that’s clever” and move on. It’s been inspiring.

The quality of the video is great, the teaching is clear, and the effect is first class.

I never write reviews, but I just wanted to say a few words here, and let everyone know that this is a steal at $20. Highly recommended. I’d wager that this is something you will actually use...which is worth far more than $20.

If the idea of locating a thought of card in an exceptionally clean and practical and deceptive manner interests you, then this is a great approach that you will not want to miss.



Daniel Prado is not a magician, he does science with magic. His ideas and performance are captivating and thought-provoking, leaving magicians and lay people with more questions than answers ...


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