Jacob's Ladder

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Jacob's Ladder

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Magic download (video) by Daniel Garcia ($8.40)

Straight from the Danny Garcia Project comes Jacob's Ladder. A borrowed bill melts through a rubberband, in the spectator's hands, right in front of their face. Street magic doesn't get cleaner or more powerful than this, and Danny expertly explains every second of the routine - not only how, but why it works.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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  • Elliott asks: Is this just a download? ie, nothing to wait for in the post? Thanks

    • 1. Tony answers: That's correct! It's a video download
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I just dabble a bit in the Art with family and friends; and getting older, so knuckle-buster moves are history. This is a simple delight that is well worth the small investment made, and has a monster in-your-face visual.
A LONG time ago, I purchased 2 Dollar Window from Mr. Garcia, and for the money+fooling factor, is one of the best tricks I ever got. He continues the tradition with this easy yet mind blowing trick. Thanks, Daniel!



An easy to perform, perfect close-up effect with strong impact. If you do rubber band magic, then you simply must learn how to perform Jacobs Ladder. Michael Giblin, Sydney, Australia



What a great idea. I'm looking forward to perfecting and performing this very soon.



Brilliant! This will be added to my repertoire of rubberband effects. Great for those moments when someone says, "Show me some magic."

Jacob's Ladder by Daniel Garcia