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Magic download (video) by Jared Kopf
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Jared Kopf Collection 1

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Jared Kopf ($12.00)

Do you know the name Jared Kopf? If you do, you know this gentleman is the foremost student of the elusive and wonderful Bob White. Like White (who studied with Vernon and Miller), Mr. Kopf has spent his life dedicated to the classics of magic, and fine-tuning the fundamental sleights of card magic. Kopf’s hands are some of the best in the business, and we’re thrilled that he makes his debut through Vanishing Inc. Magic.

We have two outstanding Jared Kopf downloads. $10 each or BOTH for just $15.

In this tutorial we highlight Jared’s outstanding false overhand shuffle, the Double Optical Shuffle. No matter how close you observe, it looks perfect. Best of all, it’s not difficult to perform. See it from all angles, and taught in great detail. Also included, “Four its own Sake,” a striking four-King ascension routine. Burn his hands as you watch ... we were still fooled.

If you have time to watch just one clip today, check out Jared’s Double Optical Shuffle, the finest overhand false shuffle we’ve ever encountered.

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Customer reviews for Jared Kopf Collection 1



Absolutely love this. I had not heard of Jared Kopf before Vanishing Inc released his downloads. But I am glad I picked both of them up. He is a smart thinker with some really great magic. That false shuffle should become a classic. I hope everyone learns it!

Great work Vanishing Inc for working with another awesome magician.



Worth every penny. The original optical shuffle is good enough, this technique throws off magicians and skeptics who want to burn your hands. I performed this shuffle several times to magicians and lay people; it went over their heads. Magicians asking afterwards what kind of pass did I use. This has become one of my go to shuffles.



Do yourself a favor and get the bundle. Then, if you can read everything that's on the credits.



I had seen Jared Kopf perform at the Magic Castle a few times before purchasing his download bundle so I already knew about his mad skills. The instructions given on JKC 1&2 are clear, and concise, and the effects are superb! Such a valuable resource. Get this today.



This is a really good, clear, detailed explanation. I hope Jared does more videos soon.







I had a chance, shortly before Covid struck, to attend a Jared Kopf lecture in person, and I deeply regret that I was not able to make that happen. I have been a fan of his ever since I purchased the “1&2” downloads on Vanishinginc, and these downloads are two of my favorites. There are two effects here, and my focus when I got this was on the optical shuffle piece. It looks amazing in Jared’s hands, even when you know exactly what is going on, and this is the only false shuffle that I use now. That’s not to say it is “better” or “best” etc, but it is pretty easy, and this tutorial got me over the hump to where I felt like I could do it in front of an audience with confidence.

I like that the download is to the point and is only around 10 minutes long for the whole thing. The teaching is 100% clear and to the point, and you have no problem getting everything you need from the explanations. Top marks on how concise this thing is.

Not to be overlooked is the four kings piece. This is very direct, with great impact, and is not difficult. Definitely happy I picked this download up. I have most of what Jared has up on Vanishing inc, and if he publishes more I’ll be first in line. Out of four items on the Kopf “1&2” downloads, I have performed all four in front of people, and it’s not that common in my experience that things click across the board like that, so I want to give props to Jared on these. If he ever comes around on tour again, I will be sure to NOT miss him the next time.








Shleppers Moving & Storage

Fantastic magician. Hasty and cursory instructions that seem like he is willing to divulge the method, but not really teach it.