John Carey Streamlined

Magic download (video) by John Carey
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John Carey Streamlined

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by John Carey (12.00)

We have watched John Carey blossom into a true creative force in card magic. At The Session this year, we asked John Carey to prepare a VERY special download for us. Essentially, he has crammed an entire DVD's worth of material into just one download, for just $10. And you know what? The material is simply tremendous. We call it Streamlined.

The crown jewel of the download is John's simple, "Think-a-Think" effect. It's this simple: the spectator THINKS of a card from a face-up spread, and you do the same. Both cards are found without ANY funny business or sleights. No gaffs, totally impromptu. We can't tip the method, but we can tell you that Dani DaOrtiz would be proud. This is, for us, EXACTLY the kind of magic we seek out: strong THINK-of-a-card material that is doable in the real world, and has huge impact.

So what else is there?

Lark Hill Opener: A lovely Ambitious-esque sequence with lots of sweet, little finesse-points.

Kung Fu Do as I Do: A terrific, dare-we-say definitive handling of this classic effect wherein a spectator follows your actions.

A Little O&W: A lovely new take on Oil and Water to add to your new repertoire.

A Mystery in Time by George McBride: The legendary George McBride has kindly consented to allow John to perform this fantastic illusion, in which you combine the best elements of the Hamman's Mystery Card Plot with Elmsley's Between Your Palms. The result is an instant classic you will want to perform right away.

With Thanks to Justin: This is a beautiful card control sequence, and John does it absolutely beautifully.

Plus FIVE more amazing items in this one-hour long download.


Customer reviews for John Carey Streamlined



Just plainly perfect. If you want to have a real fooler and with 2 decks of cards that the spectator can even supply. The secret is very cleaver I feel. I have seen something similar but always with a gaffed deck, thus putting this one miles above. Taught very well, presented very well, and just at the right price. I feel it should been sold for more but that is because I use this in my show and I dont want every other magician knowing about it LOL. Get the download you wont regret it.



This is an excellent collection of intermediate level card magic. No tedious dealing into multiple piles, no over-worked Gemini principles. John's pared-down presentations suit the material perfectly. Several of the effects require culling, and John provides good basic instruction on this skill. The quality of explanation and teaching is excellent throughout the session. The video finishes with instruction on some excellent forces and controls.

Favourites: A Mystery In Time (George McBride's version of The Mystery Card plot), A Little O & W (John's progressive Oil and Water), and Lark Hill Opener (a graceful and magic-filled production of the four aces)



This download is amazing. Lovely tricks all for the price of $12! It is a real steal. A little O and W is one of my favorites and is a great oil and water routine. Think a think is a great trick to do with 2 decks. Kung fu do as I do is a do as I do trick with one deck which is always nice where you find their card and they find your card. Overall a great download and you will use one of these tricks.



i really enjoyed the oil and water application,will do that one,and the mystery card,will for sure on that one.don't check the card until the end,i love that.hahahaha



For any amateur magician wanting to completely baffle someone with a card trick, this download is highly recommended. For the price, you get s huge amount for your money. Even if you only perform a couple of the routines taught, you will be in receipt of an absolute bargain and you will always have a crackingly good trick up your sleeve. I agree with the advertisement that the Think a Think routine at the beginning is the crown jewel of this magic download bundle. It is very easy to do and requires no sleights. But please take careful note of the detailed wisdom John Carey imparts with respect to scripting the routine. Practice on your kids before performing to an adult so that your words and handling are as smooth as butter. Carey has evidently learned from one of my favourite teachers, Roberto Giobbi, but there are many unique and original ideas and routines here. Where sleights are needed, these are carefully taught and clearly demonstrated. The relatively low definition of the video suggests that this is not a very recent production but was not in any way a hindrance to my learning or enjoyment. In fact I felt I had been invited into John's home to receive a private masterclass in card magic from an expert willing to share some of his most precious card magic secrets with a close friend.



I'm sure you will agree that John Carey always delivers and this is no exception he teaches five very cunning tricks and as streamlined suggests the tricks are stripped back for maximum effect with little effort which he is known for and for £10.50 you just can't go wrong so go and get this and you won't be disappointed.



As John Bannon has written “I’ve said it before: John Carey is a very clever guy” and Mr Bannon is definitely correct about that. Everything in this download is brilliant, if you learn these tricks you will have a fantastic set list that you could use anytime anywhere. The moves that are taught at the end are extremely useful. I probably wouldn’t use the Kung Fu revelation as it involves having your cards hit onto the floor, you could still do the trick and reveal the cards some other way. This has my highest recommendation



Excellent. The first trick is worth the money on its own and with the other tricks and then the moves that are taught at the end it is excellent value for money. All in all another great download from John Carey and Vanishing Inc.







Awesome. Much replay value... all moves explained and shown clearly, not too difficult to master with practice. Nice camera angles and best presenter - multiple demos done slowly so no need to rewind and slo mo at time x. Last section on moves a dream in itself, with easiest looking full deck false shuffle I have seen. Sure practice needed but great learning material. Also nice handling of culling, which is otherwise hit or miss for me. Think this video was free also. Better than JC’s bbm DVD that was purely self working... a few of those, possibly. Next step up. Think he has also done more advanced work but level of this video perfect. Would be great to have the video sliced into segments for replay, which I can do manually with video editor. Also nice to be told of similar work by JC. Even if this is free and aimed at future sales, good idea for all. Pls send links if they apply. Will buy any such download material from you guys. Thanks so much.



It’s a awesome product. simple and easy to follow.



This is exellent
I can not say more.
I do not quite mastered the English I'm French! .

Vanishing INc thank you for introducing me to John Carey.



Hey everybody
I recently purchased streamlined. I have been honing my craft for well over 40 years and can say without a doubt that the material in this download is worth 10 times the asking price. I am so impressed with the impact of each routine! Strong magic each and every one ! If you're looking for alot of really great magic for a tiny little price ....look no further! My suggestion is buy it before it's gone! You'll be glad you did !



John Carey does not disappoint. I have been using his routines for some time now and I truly enjoy the thinking behind his effects. This download is no different. Clever, baffling and entertaining effects is the key stone of his work. I was really impressed with Think - A - Think, A Little O & W routine and A Mystery In Time. They are really excellent routines that are very entertaining and very baffling. I also love Carey's use of very clever sleights that are seldom or never used by Magicians here in the States. Your Hoffzinzer will really get a workout with Carey's routines here and on his DVD's. It is a valuable sleight and one worth learning. His Magic is well worth looking into if you have never seen him before. If you already know John I need say no more. Enjoy. This download is worth every cent and then some. Thank you Vanishing Inc. and John Carey for such high standards and quality.



I'm a fan of John Carey's work, and I can honestly say that I use his material in my everyday professional work.

Think-A-Think alone is worth the $10 price tag. Lovely piece of mentalism with cards!


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