Journal of Alchemy

Magic download (ebook) by Joe Diamond
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Journal of Alchemy

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Magic download (ebook) by Joe Diamond (12.00)

Journal of Alchemy - magic
Journal of Alchemy Journal of Alchemy

Journal of Alchemy is Joe Diamond's first book for magicians. It's a quick read that teaches five powerhouse routines from Joe's professional repertoire. All the routines are audience tested, and simple to perform so you can focus on having fun with the material and connecting with your audience.

Doc Daley's Last Hope - Simple symbolism bring this classic of card magic to life.

Diamond Jaks - Joe Diamond breathes new life into a Dr. Jaks classic.

Half-Twins - An emotional hook blended beautifully with a visual hook. Plus, it instantly resets.

Point of View - The effect Joe has been keeping quiet for TEN YEARS!

Houdini's Final Escape - Not only does the legendary escape artist turn a key in your hands, he creates an impossible souvenir in the spectator's hands that gets you more bookings!

Joe Diamond also covers how to keep journals, and how to turn effects you already know and perform into something unique to you!

"I was fully involved with this collection and you will be too. Joe’s Journal is bigger than it might seem." - Bob Neale

"I loved this [e]book. It was a fun read and very well written. Along with some insightful creativity ideas Joe adds new twists and meaning to some lovely old gems." - Suzanne

"I really admire Joe's [e]book for evaluating effects based on how much of yourself you can put into them. More magicians need to think along these lines." - Jay Sankey

"This is a plain and simple study of the power of making your magic personal." - Jeff Stone

Forward by David Parr


Customer reviews for Journal of Alchemy



It's hard for me to write about this book because I want this to remain a secret from the world. It's rare for magic books to contain real workers and remain inexpensive. Every effect taught is simple, engaging, and powerful. As you read through this book you will realize that it is much more than effects but a study on presentation. This book will help you enhance your skills as a performer. Plus, provide you with effects that will become part of your performing repertoire



Everything in here is a classic kind of magic but in a really good way. Joe teaches everything you need, trust me you wont regret buying this book.



By reading this ebook you can easily note that Joe Diamond is a professional worker magician. He teaches the presentations, the methods and why it works.

The magic is good, with clear explanations, definitely one of the best ebooks I have ever read. This is the kind of ebook I want to buy, not just ideas that have not been tested with live audience.

Great work Mr. Diamond and Vanishing Inc.!



Great!!!! The book not only teaches you the methods but the presentations. But more than that, it teaches you to create magic. The presentations are guides to create your own presentations. This is great! Buy now!!!



Really great book! Loved it and am practicing the tricks and tips right now. I finished reading the book in about an hour, I couldn't put it down. I've been rereading it since and it gets better every time. Everyone needs this book



Even after reading just the first two effects, I was really happy with my decision to buy this ebook. In "Journal of Alchemy", Joe Diamond presents scripts and reworkings of classics, as well as a few original effects.

Don't let the low price deceive you - this book is solid gold. If you don't find at least one effect that you'll want to try out, I'd be really surprised. Even if you choose not to perform any of the effects, this book should inspire you to put a little more thought into your magic in order to create your own "alchemy". This is the best thing I have bought on Vanishing Inc.



Joe does an excellent revisitation to several classics. They are all workers--practical, and welll-thought-out. A definite must-read.



Let me start with an honest confession: I’m tired of hype when it comes to the newest book or video on the market. Reading what the pros think about a new book, video, or effect by some person that I’ve never heard of does little for me these days. So, when I heard that Joe Diamond’s new book, Journal of Alchemy, had been released, I just bought it...I didn’t need to read what others thought about it to know it would be good.
When I first looked through the book, it was to see what types of effects Joe explained. It didn’t take long to realize that the entire book is, in and of itself, a study in presentation. He doesn’t just give you the “effect” and the “explanation”; Joe also gives you the thinking behind WHY he does what he does. “The Last Trick of Doc Daley” is considered a classic, and I’ve only ever seen the standard presentation. Joe’s presentation, “Doc Daley’s Last Hope”, takes this effect to an entirely different level.
Joe’s take on Stanley Jaks’ effect, “Good Luck Card” from Tarbell 5, is a lesson in how to bring an old effect into the 21st Century while maintaining the charm of the original. (As a huge fan of Dr. Jaks myself, I loved reading Joe’s story of how this piece came to be.)
There is a lovely presentation using Fulves’ “Gemini Twins” principle; his opening line alone is one of the coolest I’ve heard in a long time. “Point of View” is another card routine that seems to be quite simple in its execution; however, it will leave those who see it breathless...they won’t know what hit them.
The last section in the book is, quite frankly, my favorite. Using simple props that probably every magician owns, as well as a classic effect that we probably all know, Joe has created a timeless piece of magic that is one of the strongest closing effects one could perform. Once I’d learned the presentation myself, I added this one to my own’ll have to get the book, learn it, and perform it for yourself to see just how strong this piece is.
For the sake of space and time, I didn’t mention the essays (his thoughts on journaling were so fun to read as I have been doing this for years), or every single piece that he explains in the book. For those who want their magic to touch people’s hearts and excite their imaginations, don’t think twice...get Journal of Alchemy.



Joe Diamond's Journal of Alchemy is my favorite release in magic in the last few years. This piece of gold is worth 20 times the small retail price of $10.

Ever notice how most Magicians look for the latest release each week in hopes of finding the magic bullet? In reality, most already have enough tricks, they just don't know how to use them. They know the techniques, but don't know how to make them effective on an audience.

Along comes Joe Diamond, a full time working professional, with a manuscript that will show you how to take tricks you already know or have stashed in your magic drawer and turn them into show pieces that connect with people on an emotional level.

It has been said that people don't remember what you did, but how you made them feel. Joe shares his secrets of making those connections.

To illustrate his philosophy, Joe takes 5 well known classics of magic and puts the Diamond spin on them. Joe turns them into show pieces worthy of a place in any professional's working set.

And for hobbyists, after reading Journal of Alchemy, next time someone asks to see a trick, instead of making their card come to the top of the deck 97 times, perform for them one of these 5 pieces. You'll touch them on a level that traditionally presented tricks rarely do when presented as just "tricks".

BUY THIS. Your audiences will thank you!


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