Justin Higham - Volume One

Magic download (video) by Justin Higham
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Justin Higham - Volume One

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Magic download (video) by Justin Higham (21.00)

Justin Higham has become an underground legend in England. His name is always mentioned when the subject of great card men comes up in the UK. Justin has been performing, creating and thinking about magic for over 30 years and since 1985 he has published over 15 books on card magic. A good friend and overseas Student of the Great Edward Marlo, Justin is ready to share some of his favourite effects and expertise with The Modus.

We are delighted to present Justin Higham Volume One.


Fake cut principle:

The aces are convincingly lost into the deck and the pack is shuffled. However, you are able to freely cut to an ace anytime you like.

Illogical controls:

Justin explains five illogical card controls, which he uses effortlessly to control single, or multiple cards.

Spectator cuts a run of seven:

Justin’s take on spectator cuts to aces where the spectator cut to ace through to seven in perfect numerical order.

Strip cut aces:

A blue backed deck is shuffled and the four aces are produced one at a time. Not only have you found the aces but also they are now the only cards with a blue back, as the deck has now turned red.

“Justin has created moves that are truly original and he performs them to perfection”

Dai Vernon

“Justin is an incredibly talented and prolific creator, thinker and technician with playing cards”

Benjamin Earl

“Justin is one of the best card magicians I know, his depth of knowledge and understanding of card magic is inspiring”

Joseph Barry

“The sheer quantity of Justin’s output is impressive - the consistent high quality is remarkable”

Will Houstoun

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Justin Higham - Volume One







I just got this download and I loved it, so I decided to do a complete review and I hope it helps for the ones that don’t have it.

Fake cut principle:
I have seen in print and on video some aces location but this by far is the most natural looking. If you want to look like a card expert that can cut to any card you want, this is for you.

Illogical control:
This is a very easy and casual way to control one or multiple cards to the top of the deck. As the name says, is illogical, there is a discrepancy but the spectators will never notice that because the control is so casual and natural that apparently looks as it should be. Justin explains some variations of the move and I personally prefer one of the multiple card controls where you have the aces on the table and while assembling four packets you control all the aces to the top (the other variations I don’t know if I’m going to use them).

Spectators cut a run of seven:
This is a very powerful effect, the spectator cuts very small packets and when you turn over all the top cards, there are from ace to seven of hearts (or any suit) in order. You need a seven card set up, obviously, but I think that worth performing this. Is more powerful than spectator cuts to the aces, because you can involve more audience and they cut to a sequence. This also could be a force, with a little modification maybe you can produce the serial number of a borrowed bill, the date, etc.

Strip cut aces:
Another way to get the four aces with a kicker ending. You have a red cased deck, take it out, table riffle shuffle, then some cuts and you stop at any point you want, put one card face down on the table and continue until you have four cards. You reveal that they are the four aces and then the deck changes its color. Nice effect, simple in method but effective.

I heard of Justin Higham, but I never saw his magic. I’m pretty happy with this download. Good magic, simple and direct methods. I recommend this to anyone that loves card magic, especially magic that involves multiple cards, not just a “pick a card” trick.


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