Manfred Shuffle

Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck
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Manfred Shuffle

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($6.00)

A unique approach to the in-the-hands false riffle shuffle that borrows ideas from Ron Wohl and Hank Miller. This method, however, puts the deck in full order without the need for a cut.


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I love this. I learned it when I got andthensome for christmas a couple years ago, and haven't stopped using it since. It's a wonderful false shuffle, and is extremely practical. I'd recommend that anyone should get this.



This is false shuffle. You already know that, I know. But picture it again while thinking deeper on what that means.

Most false shuffles look fair and serve a very definite purpose, convincing the spectator that the deck is completely random when it isn't. But this is more than a false shuffle, it's a fantastic tool that convinces the spectator that the deck is being shuffled and looks perfectly normal, especilly with a bit of misdirection.

The look of the shuffle is great: it really seems like the cards are being shuffled into one another and the "bridge" (come on, you didn't actually think it was an authentic bridge) looks superb. It looks so fancy that sometimes I use this shuffle as a flourish and show it to my audience but they never make the connection with the shuffle. Also think about what false suffles permit: a super easy triumph effect, an order from chaos routine, ect...

Most false riffle shuffles look weird (like the truffle shuffle) and require a cut (the truffle shuffle yet again!). But this one puts you beside all that, removing any knid of suspicion. This really is worth the 8 $ up there! It's basically the only false shuffle I use nowadays.



This is by far my favorite false suffle. The only other false shuffles I relied on before were mostly false cuts (and bad ones at that until I found Heap Snatch on the Everythingelse Collection) and simple shuffles with packet retention.

This wonderful, illusive shuffle changed my vision of false suffles. This is a great tool allowing simple triumph effects, an order from chaos routine. Simply, you can convince your spectators that the deck is suffled thouroughly (a riffle shuffle) when no such thing is happening.

The explanation is great. First a few exposed views to give you an idea of what you'll be doing. Then a detailed explanation on the riffling action first hand as well as a detailed explanation of a brilliant concept by Hank Miller which acts as a convincer. The bridging action is the most difficult but is essential so as to maintain the illusion of the suffle. Don't worry, it's explained as fully as it could.

Finally I would like to tell you that if you're considering to buy this item, well, you might as well buy the Andthensome Collection since it's a collection of awesome concepts, moves, changes, etc... Also what I found interesting on the said Collection was the sort of history lesson on Ron Wohl's and Hank Miller's shuffles which are a great addition if you're having trouble with this shuffle or if you would like another one in your arsenal.

So finally, despite its rather high difficulty, this shuffle is a powerful asset to all magicians out there. The fact that it's a false riffle shuffle that looks very convincing and that doesn't require a cut is well "nuff said".



This is probably the best false shuffle that I have ever heard of. Unlike the concept that its based on, there are no cuts required and you can do the shuffle just once. In my opinion, this shuffle is not very easy but getting it down smoothly is worth the practice. Bridging the cards is probably the hardest part but it s that move that makes everything look real. The Manfred shuffle is so convincing, that the first time I watched the performance without knowing the name of the move, I actually thought "Isnt it just a normal riffle shuffle?"

Manfred Shuffle by Dan and Dave Buck