Merlin's Lost Ace Trick

Magic download (video) by Jared Kopf
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Merlin's Lost Ace Trick

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Magic download (video) by Jared Kopf ($4.80 - normally $9.60)

Jared's version of Merlin's 'Lost' Ace Trick from Expert Card Technique is an exceptionally fair assembly of the Aces that is almost completely hands-off and leaves your spectators with the freedom to choose which Aces vanish and where they will reappear.

In this effect, Jared also explains an overlooked technique that not only proves invaluable in the Lost & Found set, but can be extremely useful for your repertoire.

Expert Card Technique

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Customer reviews for Merlin's Lost Ace Trick



Great effect that you can do with a borrowed deck and requires no setup other than pulling out the four aces at the beginning to show them. There is a little bit of work ahead of you to learn the sleight necessary to pull this off, but it's something most card workers will have at least a little experience with already. In the end, you have a beautiful effect that leaves you clean at the end with no gaffs like other similar versions.



This is a really great trick! The sleights may be intimidating to a beginner but aren’t so when executed at the pace Mr. Kopf has set. If performed (and I mean performed) correctly it’s very magical. This is a performance piece not a card trick. This trick will teach you a very subdued style of audience management and the equivoque process will be something in your tool box you will utilize for life.



Fantastic effect. Clearly described tutorial but there are a couple of moves that are mentioned and assumed to be learned elsewhere.



As ace assemblies go, this one is a corker. It'll take some time to learn as the sleights are not particularly easy. But I feel that just makes it a perfect practice piece. You'll (slowly) learn a great effect and perfect some of the harder sleights in the process. Then you'll have an outstanding piece of magic to add to your repertoire.
You actually get 2 videos of instruction so be sure to download them both.
I originally asked a question about this video that got deleted, so I'll answer my own question in the hope it benefits others:
The copy states that this is, "Jared's version of Merlin's 'Lost' Ace Trick from Expert Card Technique" and I wanted to clarify that. Mr Kopf teaches the same version of the effect that you'll find in ECT with a slight variation in the handling of the main sleights. He also includes his own handling of the final part of the trick which Hugard & Braue leave to the individual anyway.
I hope that makes sense.

Merlin's Lost Ace Trick by Jared Kopf