Miller Cascade Control

Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck
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Miller Cascade Control

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($8.00)

Easily one of our favorite controls to execute, the Miller Cascade Control happens casually in the hands within a subtle action of airing out the deck. It's so discreet, your spectators can be burning your hands and there's nothing to suspect.


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Very useful and organic Control, especially when you flourish anyway between magic tricks. easy to learn the mechanica and intermediate to master it flawlessly.



This control has taken me the last couple of months to really refine and get down. It will not suit everyone. It can also be done from a spread, as the peek may not suit you all. The major positive in this control is that you can be getting totally burnt and there really is nothing to see. The instruction on this is amazing and there are plenty of close-ups of finger positions. If you want to do what you saw in the video, there is no better place to learn it.

Be prepared to put in the practice.



This control is well taught and has the production value we have come to expect from Dan and Dave. It is a control that can be done with 100 percent certainty every time, and is invisible from nearly any angle. I use this control quite often and practice it all the time. I do have one minor complaint about the video however.

In the video you are taught how to control the card from a peeked deck through the use of a cascade to the top. This method of peeking is good in certain situations, but it is not ideal in every circumstance (what move is?). Generally I will have a card selected the old fashioned way and then return the card to the deck executing the Cascade Control after. I only wish that Dave had taught how to get the card in to position for a cascade when a card is returned.

I believe any intermediate card mechanic will have no problem working out a method, but it does take a little work. It certainly doesn't change much with regard to the mechanics of the trick, and the general principles remain the same, but it would have been a nice addition.

Aside from this petty grievance, this is one of my favorite OnDemands I own. The teaching is very clear and to the point, I honestly don't see many people having trouble learning from this download. Dave is very straight forward with every move here.

Great video, and a fantastic price for a move you will use on an everyday basis.



When I first bought this move, I was a little disappointed, as when I performed it in front of a mirror, it didn't seem all that convincing. Needless to say, I gave up on it for a little bit....

BUT I came back to the move with determination, and I've been practicing it ever since, and now it's at a point where I can perform it in front of crowds. The move is very well taught, and I particularly like the advice that the Buck twins give, to perform this on the off-beat as a casual airing of the cards rather than a flourish...

Great move, I recommend it highly :)



This move is by far the most stylish control i ever seen. After seeing Ricky and the Bucks perform this move, I had to learn it. It is not a difficult control, but after you learn it, refining it will take most of your knowledge of card techniques. This move was a great lesson to me, because I learned that honing the details changes the move from a broken cascade to an amazingly smooth and deceptive control.

Before learning this, I insist you practice the Waterfall. In my opinion, you need to grab a deck of cards and waterfall them, trying to open the fingers from the thumb slowly, making sure the waterfall is consistent. Another personal tip is to press the deck, at first, as close to the tips of the fingers as you can. This will help you release one card at the time.

I highly recommend getting this. The price is excellent, and the move is worth the price for a millon reasons.

You will not be disappointed.



This control looks very natural, just like Ricky Smith's "cherry control". It will take a lot of practice and refining to get it as smooth as Dave, but practice does make perfect. He does teach the waterfall flourish in this video, but you should be very comfortable with it already for such an advanced move.

Well worth it, and be sure to stick with it.



This is without a question, my go to move when I need to control a card to the top.
I'm usually dribling or waterfalling the cards, so this move looks very natural in my hands, and if you're planning on learning and using it, I'd recommend doing the waterfall nonchalantly from time to time, so when the control is performed, it won't look out of place.
It will take some time to get used to the move, but once you get the muscle memory, it will be a piece of cake.



It's a very picky move on it's own, and will require some thoughtful cover. But if done nonchalantly with the attention of an afterthought, nice quick little means of bringing a card to the top.



It's great the Dave is offering his finesse on the Miller Cascade-control. He goes in-depth with the teaching; from learning the waterfall/cascade itself to the actual controlling of the card.

It's definitely not an easy control to learn, and will require a lot of practice to get the mechanics down smooth. But also will take practice and study to make it look natural when using it in performance.

Well worth the time, recommended.

Miller Cascade Control by Dan and Dave Buck