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More Memory Man

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Magic download (video) by Joel Givens ($10.00)

“More Memory Man” is an extraordinary, full-length routine that can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck. You apparently memorize an entire deck, yet there is no real memory trick required. Instead, Joel has combined six diabolical and little-known methods: working ahead, forces, glimpses, peeks, and more, and the result is a completely believable, deceptive routine with a pack of cards.

The filming was done on the fly at Fechter’s Invitational Convention. The atmosphere is bare-bones and relaxed. But at Vanishing Inc, it’s the content that concerns us, not flashy trailers. Look through the stripped-down production values and witness what is, we believe, one of the finest card effects we have ever seen, and possibly the finest we have EVER released.

That’s high praise indeed, and deservedly so. Just ten dollars.

Running time: 14 minutes, 45 seconds.


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Ben "Super Stud"

Joel Given's "More Memory Man" is easily one of my favorite go-to tricks for laypeople and magicians alike. It's a masterful demonstration of memory that looks like MORE than just a simple magic trick- it's a demonstration of 'almost' impossible skill. Don't be surprised if after performing this people genuinely believe you can do EXACTLY what you claim to be able to do (please use that power for good!).

This is one of the best approaches to this plot ever published. 5 out of 5 thumb-tips way up.
- Ben Train



This is an excellent piece of business by Joel Given. I purchased it immediately after viewing the performance. I love routines which combine principles to produce a memorable moment. This routine is 100 % commercial for all situations and also any deck.

Michael Vincent



I'm not Ben Train or near close to Michael Vincent, but I have to agree that this is a powerful, impromptu material. I also downloaded it the moment I saw it. I used to perform Pit Hartlings effect (which is also very powerful) but this somehow provides another option is people would hand me a deck. This has no setup, the deck doesn't even have to be complete. However, I don't recommend it for beginners though. It requires enough experience to perform at lot of things at the same time.

The video and audio quality is not top notch compared to other video downloads. The camera even gets out of focus at times...but if you want to get this for the effect itself, this is the best Vanishing Inc has released so far!



I personally use a memorized deck all the time. I'm obsessed about learning other memorized deck tricks and routines. This by far is one of the best, well thought out and easiest versions I've seen yet.

This is a psuedo memorized deck. You don't really memorize much at all (4-5 cards in the whole routine) but the impact on spectators is priceless.

This is one of those shuffled deck in play tricks that you can do with absolutely NO set-up and 100% impromptu. It doesn't even require a full deck.

There are a couple sleights involved, especially for the ending. But learning those sleights transfer over to many other routines as well.

This by far will be one of my favorite memorized deck routines.



I enjoy when I can throw a word in when it comes to tricks I actually do just about daily. It’s one thing to like a certain trick but a whole different thing to adopt it for a lifetime.

I’ve been using this trick for years, since Joel tipped it to me after frying everyone at our local Convention in Charlotte NC (the Convention’s first year, actually). There were a ton of us at the bar late-night, Me, Steve Beam, Lee Asher, Scott Robinson, Eric Jones, Aaron Fisher, Robbie Mooreland, the late great Woody Landers, it was a wonderful session of some of the top guys going -- and as is to be expected everyone was showing off their latest efforts.

I recall Joel breaking this out at the bar and frying literally everyone in the room. You could have heard a pin drop in that room. Needless to say it was More Memory Man which was whispered about in the hallways for the remainder of the weekend. I must have seen the trick four or more times while we Joel and I hung out; I was none the wiser during the performance than I was the first.

I’ve been lucky to live down the road a bit from Joel for the 20 plus years I’ve been in magic and I can say for certain there are few guys anywhere that areas as capable in creating AND doing magic as he is. I use several of his efforts in my own work, but this trick is one I use each time the conversation turns to games of skill of any sort. As a result there are countless numbers of people who now truly believe I can memorize a pack of cards in record fashion. I received three different emails from a local professor of mathematics (from Elon University here in NC) after he watched me do walk-around where I used this trick for his party. Each time he mentioned how struck he was with my memorization of the deck. Point being: this doesn’t have the *feel* of a magic trick, but rather a truly show if skill that’ll leave anyone shaking their head in disbelief.

I was a little sick when the trick was released in his Joel’s book and even more so now that it’s an instant download. You hear people bullshit in reviews all the time saying, “I wish you wouldn’t have released this, I wanted it to myself!” The concept is a bit overused in magic reviews nowadays.
Well, the truth is I hate to see this one hit the mainstream. It’s been all too good to me as a worker that pretty much no one else knew about. I’ve used at least four different versions of the premise including Micah Lasher’s (this trick’s predecessor) over the years and I can confidently say NOTHING comes close to Joel's version for impact as well as ease of execution. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



What a NICE effect!
I ordered it, watched it, and already want to take it out on the town tonight.
Do your crowd a solid and add this today.
Skott Hughes



Yes yes yes, this is excellent, worthy of more stars but 5 is the max I could give.

Expertly constructed & makes for a believable demonstration of an impossible feat.

Super excited about this one!!



I'm not sure that my comments will carry much weight after what you read above, but this is an awesome routine for the following reasons:

1) Can be done with a borrowed deck
2) Spectator shuffles and cuts
3) No actual deck memorization needed (a real plus for people like me with a bad, uh, ... something)
4) Great multiple phases
5) Great energy if you put in the enthusiasm that Givens has
6) No difficult moves. Without too much practice, even beginners can be doing this in a short time.
7) A full 3 minutes of action

The only thing I have against this video is the that the production values and sound are a bit lousy. However, they aren't bad enough to detract from you learning the technique. Plus, this effect is so strong, it still gets 5 stars from me.



Top piece BUT lefties will not be able to execute the routine with a standard 2 indexed deck as shown. Sleight adjustments are necessary...pun intended. :)



Truly one of the best finds I've come across in many years, hence getting round to actually writing a review. A brilliantly crafted trick which is genuinely impromptu and indeed gives the impression that a deck is memorized in an impossibly short space of time. A perfect sprinkling of sleight of hand and cleverness.



This is one of my favorite downloads, the people actually believes you that you have a super memory! The best of all is that you don’t even have to use a memorized deck, just borrow a deck of cards and immediately perform it.

I was looking for a memory routine without using a stacked deck, this came into my way while browsing at Vanishing Inc’s website and I knew that this could be the routine I was looking for, and I was right!

Add this to your cart right now. Btw, believe it or not, you don’t need to do some knuckle busting sleights or memorize a lot of things at the moment, this is very practical and combines some principles that makes this easy to do.



It passed the girlfriend test, which is always a good sign. I then fried every magician I know, which is also a good sign. It then elicited an uproar of disbelief at a gig this it's definitely a keeper! It's as fun to perform as it is to watch!



This is, as all the other reviews confirm, an amazing effect and method. If you like the effect then it is perfectly achievable. I think, for it to be convincing then you need to be able to perform close to the speed and confidence that you see on the trailer and it will definitely need practice to be able to do that. There is some memory required and to apply that you need to have your ‘patter’ come automatically. The moves are fairly simple but they are moves and may need practice before you can perform. This of course applies to any effect you perform but just don’t think you will be doing this after 10 minutes. That said, it is incredibly powerful, relatively simple and can be done with a borrowed, shuffled pack and is a winner in my opinion.



The affect is great but the production is terrible. The video is jerky and not even in focus. How about taking my $10 and buying a tripod.

More Memory Man by Joel Givens