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Magic download (ebook) by Eric Richardson (12.00)

At Vanishing Inc., we believe that a memorized deck is one of the most potent tools in all of card magic. That makes us part of a very small, elite group, and we know you will be as excited as us about Eric Richardson's brand new e-book on Aronson stack magic: Oasis.

Oasis blew us away as Eric has managed to do what nobody else has done: he found a way to produce thirteen cards of a particular suit FROM STACK! The book also contains methods to produce four-of-a-kind, and several mentalism routines.

Finally, Eric unveils, for the first time, several COMPLETE STORY ROUTINES a la Sam the Bellhop (including one from Paul Thomey) that work directly from Aronson stack. With this book, it is possible to construct an entire card act from your memorized deck, or pick and choose the pieces you like best. Stack users all over the world are amazed by Eric’s discoveries. You will be, too.

Eric Richardson's Oasis is a Vanishing Inc. exclusive and is conveniently an e-book. It is just TEN DOLLARS, available immediately.

190 pages


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Allow me to underscore and add some exclamation points to Paul Thomey's review.

'OASIS' is separated into 'Impossibilities' and 'Stories', so it contains several thoroughly examined and explored routines, as well as several full deck- and 'mini'- stories using the Aronson stack, including Paul's outstanding 'Legend of Southside Johnny'.

I thought Richarson's 'It All Depends' was excellent (and I still do), but 'OASIS' goes above and beyond. It is an essential work on the Aronson stack.

The best part? 190 frickin' pages of this outstanding material for only $10!



For purposes of full disclosure, I do know Eric Richardson via emails, and one of my routines is included in this book. However, I do not stand to profit in any way by the sales of the book, so this is a completely unbiased review.

That out of the way I believe OASIS (and It All Depends) to be among the most important works dealing with the Aronson Stack. Eric brings an array of effects that are all well thought out both mechanically and presentationally. For anyone who works with the Aronson Stack, this book is as important as Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz is for his stack. For the card workers out there, you know that any comparison to Juan Tamariz is just about the highest compliment one can possibly receive. The only other comparison is to the works of Simon Aronson himself. No one else has ever published as complete a work in this area as Eric has in his two books.

For the non-Aronson Stack workers, this is the perfect opportunity to delve into this fascinating tool. Why? Well, for starters, you don’t have to memorize the stack. The effects are cyclical, so once your stack is set, they will always work. There are no hard mathematical calculations that have to be made, or worries that you will forget the position of a certain card. You do have to bring some basic skills to the table, but the stack does all the rest of the work.

There are also many different themes explored in the book as well, so you can immediately transition from one miracle to another without the need for any fumbling or extensive set up in front of the audience.

I honestly believe this to be the best deal in magic right now. Where else will you find nearly 200 pages of quality material for this ridiculously low price? The answer is – nowhere!


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