One Hand Bottom Palm

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl
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One Hand Bottom Palm

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl (12.00)

The One-Hand Bottom Palm is a move that everyone wants to master, but very, very, very few can actually do. Benjamin Earl's handling of the move is recognized as the very best; it is extremely quick, well-covered, and unlike the bottom palms that have come before it, doesn't require a specific grip.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not because the move is that difficult. It's because it is almost impossible to find a proper description of the right technique. In this download, Benjamin Earl will break the One-Hand Bottom Palm into manageable steps. By the end of the tutorial, you'll be on your way to imperceptibly stealing away the bottom card or cards in the most natural manner ever devised. You want proof it can be done flawlessly? Just look at the trailer.

In this 21 minute download, Ben will take you through the intricacies of this wonderful move so that YOU can start applying it to your card magic.

Running Time: 21 minutes

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for One Hand Bottom Palm







I think the instructional quality of this tutorial is great. Some people think it's wordy, but I'm glad he goes into such detail--and does so in a way that gives a proper approach to the sleight. So you're told not only what to do, but why you should do it.

A few other things I liked about this tutorial: it doesn't start with an entire promo video. (Presumably this is done to help remind buyers what they bought and why). It doesn't have any insane camera work, as though the videographer had a camcorder strapped to his knee while he was sprinting up a long spiral staircase. Finally--and most important: it actually shows the performer's view of things. I don't understand why this camera angle isn't mandatory.

It was hard for me to make any progress at first. The card kept sliding down my palm as I was getting my little finger onto the corner. I think it's fair to say it's a "knacky" move. But I've only been working on it for about a week, and while I know I have more work to do, I can see where I'm going with it. (In the immortal words of William Goldman: "First comes good. Then comes fast." He was talking about swordplay, but the principle still holds.)

I really like Earl's teaching style. I'm glad I bought this tutorial, and I know the move will be worth every second I put into it.



First off this is just FIRE! Ben is a beast and I’m a huge fan of one handed sleights and this was exactly what I needed in my life. Secondly, many people are saying that he’s too “chatty” but I think we need to take a step back and realize that what he’s doing is giving theory to the move and for good reason. If we just learn the move, we may not execute it correctly. He gives intricate detail for why the move should be executed a certain way for each step of the way. It just shows how in depth he is as a thinker of magic and why he does what he does. There’s a reason so many people are after his work on card magic, he’s a beast and for good reason. I think we’ve been caught up in this instant quick gratification and the result is shorter attention spans. This video is a good example of how to STUDY a move IN DEPTH! Great video, Great Instruction, Great Value! 10/10







It's the best bottom palm I've ever learned.





Similarly, I hadn’t worked on this move beforehand, but after a couple of viewings and following Ben’s detailed instruction things are progressing no end. I didn’t find this unduly wordy - far from it: the level of care, and consideration of minutiae, really helps speed one’s progress along.

And the ease with which he performs this move is quite dizzying - inspirational too. Very happy with this purchase.



Really great download. I actually found the detail Ben went into very helpful in understanding the sleight as I've never worked on a bottom palm before. Running time is about 20 minutes, which was just enough to really get into the details without it being waffly.



Great download. Ben really tries and succeeds to give you a feeling of how every movement should feel and look so you really know when you get it down. This is a difficult move, but you'll get the mechanics in your muscles under a few days. Then, as with any difficult sleight, it will take much more time to make it invisible. I really doubt there is a better ressource/teacher to learn this technique.



This sleight is very useful! I would have like to have seen Ben talk less and demonstrate more. I find it is easier to learn this sleight if you use just a few cards and build from there. Nevertheless, it is a great technique, well worth the $10 paid.



it's excellent technique.



Best $10 I’ve spent in years! Spoiler alert...this is a “chatty video” ,but I feel that this is such a nuanced move, it needs what could be called extensive explanation. If they put out a video on an in the hands false shuffle.....I’m in for another $10.??????

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Excellent technique. Windy, redundant explanation.


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