One Hand Palm Change

Magic download (video) by Alex Linian
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One Hand Palm Change

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Magic download (video) by Alex Linian (12.00)

One Hand Palm Change: Alex is known for his work on the one-hand top palm. Frankly, he does this important but troublesome sleight better than anyone we’ve ever seen. And THIS is the place to learn not only how to do the move perfectly, but to learn it so proficiently that you can use it as a visual, one-handed color change.

This move, which has historically been used a secret way to palm the top card of the pack, can also be used to effect a stunning, instantaneous color change, and even cause other flat objects to appear and disappear. Few people do the sleight reliably enough and fast enough to use it as a visual change. That makes this download UNIQUE to the world. This is the only resource to learn the full technique.

We’re proud that this download will be the key for so many to finally learn a move that most magicians have a need for: palming the top card of the deck with just one hand.

Running time: 31 minutes

Alex Linian magician

Customer reviews for One Hand Palm Change



This is the real work on the one hand top palm, Alex explains with great detail every single aspect of the technique. I think that this is the most complete and clear resource for learning this useful palm. In addition to the great verbal explanation and the multiple angle shots, Vanishing Inc also included text information as a complement to the verbal explanation which helps a lot.

Also includes some effects using the One Hand Palm Change that are good, the transposition in the hands I think that is the best effect in the download, but the other ones are also good.

If you want to do the One Hand Top Palm or even if you already do it, add this to your cart, this will help you learning the technique or improve it.

Highly recommended



I bought Alex's video of this move four years ago and it still remains one of my favourite download from you guys. Somehow, you have managed to better it. This new video is much better quality and the teaching is much clearer. Also, there are some great tips and tricks. Thanks!



This is quite good - the move looks killer! The only thing I would change is the repetitive background music, but don't let that take away from the awesome effect he's got here.


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