Open Triumph

Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz
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Open Triumph

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Magic download (video) by Dani DaOrtiz ($12.00)

Within our library of books we’ve read countless variations of Triumph, small changes to Vernon’s original handling published in The Stars of Magic. However, Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz is as open, fair and visual as we have ever seen. Witness the ingenious thinking this Spanish master of sleight of hand puts into all his magic with this amazing effect. Don’t close your eyes. 

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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  • 1.

    Elliott asks: Will a normal person like myself be able to do this or do you have to actually possess real magical powers?

    • 1. Tony answers: Yeah! Any normal person with 2 hands and practice can do this trick
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  • 2.

    Conor asks: Will this require anything other than a standard deck of cards? I would want to start learning right away and don't have a collection of 'special' cards.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Just a normal deck is needed.
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Customer reviews for Open Triumph


This is a trick that blew me away the first time I saw the performance. Unfortunatley, that first time, I was muting my computer so I never heard the patter (which I have trouble calling patter, it seems pejorative). I watched it again several times and I figured out the base of the effect, the shuffle that was used remained a mystery on the other hand and that annoyed me greatly.

Then, a few days later, I looked this up again and heard DaOrtiz' words. It actually touched me and I was immediately captivated by this new style of story magic. I bought it soon afterwards and Dani's teachings were amazing: ranging from the smoothness of his card handling to the brilliance of his patter.

Even if you sort of figured out the effect, buy this: you will not regret it. This is more than a magic trick, it's what Dani said: a "hommage to Dai Vernon". You get an incredible effect and a context that will captivate your audiences to the full extent.



Triumph is the classic effect that every magicians must have at least heard about it. I saw many triumph effects, and this is the best. Others effect only allow you to show that there are cards face to back, face to face, or back to back. But this Open triumph allows you to show that the cards are really mixed. And then in a blink of an eye, the cards became separated.

The effect is very natural, when you perform it right, this will be a killer effect among all card tricks.

The down point of the trick is only that you can not give the deck to spectators. But who cares! It's normal not giving them deck, you end the trick clean enough, and no one will ask you to look at the deck.

Also, in this tutorial, he also teaches the red/black version of this trick, which also based on the same principle. But only a little minor change of handling. Because the bonus effect doesn't need a selected card.



Dani is so good in this one! I just don't know where he got this idea from! This is the most fair and visual triumph I've seen to date. If you want to fool not only a layman but a magician, add this to cart and astonish EVERYONE!!



I first encountered this triumph routine in DaOrtiz's Collection collection, "Utopia." This instantly became my go to triumph routine as it not too difficult and the effect is instant. Most triumph routines include a shuffle and a display of the cards back in their correct positions. However, open triumph includes shuffles to mix the cards face up and face down, then a display of the chaos within the deck, which is instantly followed by the display of the cards in their original positions. Beyond what the spectators sees, this trick is an ideal representation of what all magic should be like. There is a big difference between what the spectator sees and what you (the magician) see. The concept utilized by DaOrtiz in this effect has inspired me to think more along what you want the audience to believe instead of thinking about what the trick should be.



Do not underestimate this trick! My brother is a magician and i performed this trick to him. He said he would be satisfied with his magic career if this was the only trick in his repetoire. A magician fooler, an amazing trick!



When I saw this I was speechless and I watched it over and over again and I couldn't figure it out! There are so many triumph routines out there and this one really stood out to me! The method is great and once you know how its done its almost too simple but it fools everyone if done correctly! Dani is a great performer and teacher and by buying this fantastic trick you are not doing anything wrong. This instantly became one of my go to triumph effects and you should learn it too!



This trick and explanation is great and is featured is a bonus trick



There are dozens of Triumph routines, but this one is a clean, standup version that can work in all situations. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, from the master cardist himself.



If you can do a decent fan this would be a nice addition to your repertoire. Not particularly difficult but a little finicky, nothing that can't be smoothed out with time.



This version of Triumph is killer, totally baffling for magicians as well as run-of-the-mill spectators. The teaching is first rate, and it's relatively easy to do. Talk about eye candy!



This is Amazing. at first i thought it felt really unnatural but as i practiced and practiced it actually became natural so if you're not sure if you should buy then i can tell you that you should really buy it :D

Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz