Magic download (video) by Chris Hestnes
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Magic download (video) by Chris Hestnes ($4.00)

Optimus is one of 13 original card flourishes featured on Papercuts, an original collection of cardistry from Chris Hestnes. 


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Optimus is a full deck false cut with a triangle display. This is the coolest false cut in flourishing to me. The triangle display and the two packet revolver makes the flourish unique. Strongly recommended.



A truly unique cut that never ceases to capture attention. As an added bonus, it is completely false. As for the teaching, this tutorial was very easy to learn from because of the over-the-shoulder view point and on the top left there is a front view. After the initial tutorial, there is a brief over the shoulder overview of which you can see how the flourish is supposed to look like from the viewer's point of view.

Optimus by Chris Hestnes