Orbit Control

Magic download (video) by Chris Brown
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Orbit Control

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Magic download (video) by Chris Brown ($8.00)

The Orbit Control is a variation of a Ken Krenzel idea for controlling a card to the top of the deck. Chris Brown's finessed applications allow this control to be executed surrounded and performed invisibly. It's versatile range of applications makes this control well worth your time to master it and use in your repertoire. 

In addition to the Orbit Control, Chris also tips the Orbit Cop and Ambitious Orbit - a variation that can be applied as a visual color change.


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Well, honestly, I bought this just yesterday, and I don't regret it at all. It's as good as it gets. It's hard to master, but a beautiful move. It's probably going to replace my usual classic pass. There's so much good in this. It has opened my mind to the possibilities possible in my routines.

Also, the applications Chris Brown has for the 'Orbit Change' move include the 'Orbit Cop' and the 'Ambitious Orbit' which are excellent in my opinion. The 'Orbit Cop' is probably one of the most useful things you'll ever come by and it changes the way you can take on Sleight of Hand.

The teaching style from Chris is very clear cut and detailed with tips to go along the way, to cut that extra practice time you might have needed to experiment on your own to have that feel to the sleight, which is what separates Chris from the rest of the mediocre teachers.

It's not even $10 and I would've paid more for all the sleights and opportunities this video offers. Buy it, Watch it, and tell yourself you did the right thing!



This is my favourite card control! It's perfect when you need to control a card to top or bottom without mixing up the rest of the deck. It does take practise but at least it's also a very fun move to practice. I highly recommend it.



The Orbit Control is an awesome move, that allows you to control a card to the top (and the bottom) as well as a very visual clour change, plus gets you into the gamblers cop.

If you have big hands, the move is pretty much angle proof. Even if you have smaller hands, you can cover the angles very easily. The move itself, like anything, takes some time to perfect, however you should get it down within 3-4 days.

Chris' teaching is very clear and he teaches you everything you need to know. He doesn't just explain how to do a move, he explains why you do a move, which makes learing much easier.

On top of the control, Chris teaches the Orbit cop, which is a sneaky way of getting into the gamblers cop, and gives some pointers on how to make the invisible control, a visual colour change, with the Ambitious Orbit. Chris also alludes to the fact that the Orbit Control can be used as a bottom control, however he does not actually teach it, having said that it is very easy to figure out.

All in all the Orbit Control is excellent. Not only do you learn a great control but you learn a practical colour change and an easy way to get into gamblers cop. $7 is a little on the expensive side, but for such an awesome slight, it is definately worth it.



This control is as just effective as it is in the video than in real life. The learning of this trick is a little bit tricky at first but do not give up because for me it snapped into place. This can also be practiced watching TV or something less dull than sitting their practicing. The tutorial is amazing - every little issue is resolved easily and explained in full detail. This control is not as hard as it first seems and most card people would be able to perform it well with a little practice.



By far the best top card control I've ever come upon. With a little practice, you will be able to do this right in front of your spectator's face, it's practically invisible when done well. Highly recommend it.



This is a great control to the top and even to the bottom as well. It will take practice to master but it is really worth it. I recommend this to everyone looking for a motionless control.

Orbit Control by Chris Brown