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Other Brothers Bundle

Magic download (video) by Darryl Davis and
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Other Brothers Bundle

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Magic download (video) by Darryl Davis and ($12.00)

Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams, aka 'The Other Brothers' are two of the most creative magicians we know. Their material is VERY practical and designed to get big reactions. We are incredible pleased to be able to offer you two of their downloads, "Road to Rome" and "Broken Window". The best part, if you buy them both together, they are only $10!

Road to Rome - This is a double thought-of card routine in which you divine TWO FREELY THOUGHT-OF CARDS, each one leading to the next. What makes this routine different (and ingenious, really) is the way in which you limit the spectator's range of cards. Through an unusual and engaging presentation (dealing with the city of Rome, Italy), you psychologically guide the spectators to their own successful conclusion. This makes the trick deceptive and highly original. Variations are taught, but we believe the true value is in the scripting and concept of using a theme to secretly limit the range of selections. 

Broken Window - "Any Card to Any Number" is one of magic's most enduring classics. "Broken Window" is a new take inspired by that plot. In effect, the spectator names any card and chooses any number. The named card is revealed to have the chosen number written on the back. Is it the classic plot? Nope. But it could be considered an even stronger effect, since rather than revealing the named card at a position, the named number is actually WRITTEN on the card. The method takes about ten minutes to create, and then the reset is almost instant. No sleights required.

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These guys are great! Some of their magic requires setup or simple crafts but well worth the impact. The Other Brothers are fun, energetic, creative and down right nice guys! Several options to perform this effect. Very good!



Great simple ACAAN the tutorial is thorough and they go through each detail on how to perform the effect and create a gimmick. Darryl and Daryl one of my favorite performers it was a very enjoyable download it’ll be fun to Perform this effect you will Need some DIY and tools and some extra something that you probably already have.

Other Brothers Bundle by Darryl Davis and