Out Of Your Mind

Magic download (video) by Karl Hein
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Out Of Your Mind

6.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Karl Hein ($6.00)

Karl Hein has developed an Out of This World exactly tailored to the needs of a working performer. In effect, the spectator is able to perfectly separate a shuffled pack by color. Karl's effect ticks all the boxes a professional wants:

It's fast: most Out of This World effects last far too long. This one gets straight to the point.

The best switch: The switch Karl uses for the packets is imperceptible, and logical. Most routines have a "weird" moment near the end.

The spectator shuffles: this is key. You want to make sure the spectators, themselves, have mixed the cards.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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Customer reviews for Out Of Your Mind



Wow! What a great version of Out of this World! Out of Your Mind is a true worker! It's going to take me some time to get it down but the instructions are well taught and easy to understand! A killer effect for the price!



A really great version of a classic effect! You can always tell that Karl is a real worker. All of his material is so well thought out for the walk around magician.



This is a great trick. I've seen some other methods for this trick that have a kind of awkward moment in the middle but this one seems completely natural. The explanation is excellent and the production value is high.



It's an interesting one it's heroe to do and it clear crystal clean that about any one can do.! Not bad for the cost of it! this outstanding natural beauty treatments for out of this world is super soft and comfortable to know about if someone ask you do high Street effect!



This is a very practical version of Out of This World for the real workers. I would consider this at an intermediate skill level because of the separation technique, but nothing that any working pro cannot do.

The download is short, but Karl did a great work teaching all you need to perform Out of your Mind. Get this and thank me later.



The ideas in this effect has taken my out of this world to a whole new level! Thank you!





Excellent! I have been doing the Paul Curry version for about 65 years and probably don't have either the dexterity or the perseverance to get this version presentable--but it's fun to watch!



I used to perform Paul Harris’ Galaxy, which always worked well under the appropriate situation. Karl’s version allows an initial shuffle of the cards, which really pumps up the value here. Recommended!



Out Of Your Mind by Karl Hein